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DD seems to be tired since weaning

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Chickyboo Sat 22-Jan-05 14:18:34

I started weaning dd about 2 weeks ago, but recently she seems to be tired all the time she is a few days off from 6 months. She still has quite a lot of milk but finding hard to give her water. She only has 2 meals a day baby rice , friut puree or veg. Has any one experienced this, bit worried I'm starving her..

Frizbe Sat 22-Jan-05 14:31:59

don't worry about the water thing, that kicks in more as they get older, just keep trying her with it each day and she'll get it eventually! It certainly doesn't sound like your starving her, have you tried giving her breakfast of baby porridge to give her some more energy, its usually around now that they start taking a 'proper' morning nap, followed by play, lunch and afternoon nap, and you can start to get your life back as they become more structured! Sounds like your doing a good job to me

Chickyboo Sat 22-Jan-05 14:38:11

She sleeps for about 6 hrs a day but right through the night 7ish to 6-7am. All the books seem to say should only be sleeping for 3-4 hours.

Frizbe Sat 22-Jan-05 14:41:40

nah, babys aren't by the book they're all individual!
Sounds fine to me, my dd used to get in 2hrs a morning and 3 in the afternoon someweeks/days, in fact looking back it often co-incides with a growth period, so don't worry, so long as she's eating, sleeping and playing she's fine, consider yourself lucky, you are raising a happy, contented settled baby, who enjoys sleeping (some people with non sleepers would give you their right arm for that! and when she starts teething it'll all change anyway!)

franch Sat 22-Jan-05 14:51:17

Chickyboo, enjoy it while it lasts!

Nothing to worry about I'd have thought

Chickyboo Sat 22-Jan-05 14:55:59

thanks Frizbee

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