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Fruit desserts

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purplehaze Fri 21-Jan-05 10:18:46


Just wondered what fruit desserts you give to your babies??? My ds is just one and am trying to stop giving him puree.

just wanted to see what everyone else does.



paolosgirl Fri 21-Jan-05 10:25:11

You could try baked apple - core an eating apple, stand it up in a casserole dish with a little water (to stop it drying out), and fill the hollowed out core with some raisins and drizzle over some honey. Bake until soft - about 30 mins from memory. Or baked banana - split a peeled banana length-wise and pop in some raisins (or a few chocolate buttons are even nicer, but then I'm a bad bad mummy ). Wrap in tin foil and bake til soft - 15-20 mins.

starlover Fri 21-Jan-05 11:52:34

how about jelly with small pieces of soft fruit in?

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