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DS refuses!!

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katielou Thu 20-Jan-05 19:15:30

I know that this subject has probably been touched on loads previously but I have just had the most stressful couple of days where ds won't eat a thing. He has just turned one. I find feeding times so stressful as he simply refuses to eat anything....I tried a variety of different food types today and just ended up getting really cross, it worries me as he has also started to wake in the night which he hasn't done since he was eight weeks old......SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MY SANITY!! (Do you think it has anything to do with teething?)

Amanda3266 Thu 20-Jan-05 19:26:14

Hi katielou,

It could be something to do with teething, especially if he seems uncomfortable too.

Firstly, try not to get too stressed (easier said than done I know). If he senses that you are stressed he will be worse - it's always wonderful getting a reaction from Mum - especially one where she jumps up and down. I'd be tempted to just back off and try giving him bread and butter when he's doing other things like sitting on the floor. I promise you that he won't starve to death willingly.

Secondly, if he'll drink - try a weak milkshake. He's probably waking because he's hungry.(But I guess you know this already)

What happens when you feed? Is he distressed?
Also is he walking yet? Once mine could walk he wouldn't have any truck with the high-chair and insisted on walking about with food, much to my horror (although at age 2 he sits at the table mostly).

If you're worried that he's losing weight then a chat with your HV and a check of his weight might help.


Frizbe Thu 20-Jan-05 19:29:25

agree with amanda there, teeth or at the very worst, this horrible throat bug that's going around.....but they usually show other symptoms with bugs! Have you tried just finger foods? as some kids just want to feed themselves....or is he just hanging out until his favourite turns up!

Amanda3266 Thu 20-Jan-05 19:31:20

As Christopher Green says in his "Toddler Taming" book there are "militantly independent toddlers hell-bent on feeding themselves". That throat-bug thing has been dreadful - has he been ill?


Eeek Thu 20-Jan-05 19:35:34


my DS has always refused food when his teeth are really bad. Things I try are: Calpol half an hour before a meal, normal food offered but don't get stressed if he refuses, jelly for pud. I make real jelly with a decent fruit juice from M&S so they're a bit more interesting but he really prefers the tartrazine nothing-natural versions I buy from my Co-Op [humph]. It's hard but when his teeth ease he's back to eating constantly. Oh, and re the night, nurofen and calpol and if his nose gets nasty Benylin as well. Bad mum.


katielou Thu 20-Jan-05 21:10:24

I guess I am scared of giving him milk at night in case he starts waking up for a feed every night. I have noticed that once he is out of his high chair he will eat finger foods walking about, thanks for your help everyone, I know I shouldn't stress about it but sometimes it is easier said than done

vicdubya Fri 21-Jan-05 20:48:16

Hi Katielou

My DS 10 months has had 2 periods of being off solids, the first for 3 weeks, coincided with his first two teeth coming through & second, for about 10 days over Xmas, with top teeth and a streaming cold as well.

The first time I got myself worked up so much DH had to start giving him his meals because I couldn't cope.

This time I thought what the hell and just went with what he wanted to do. As I am still BF his milk intake did increase and whereas I do still usually feed him once at night he was waking twice.

But as soon as his cold was over he went back to wolfing solids again and night feeds have reduced to once and he is much more settled.

I doubt if you do give him milk at night that he will continue once he's back on solids again, if he hasn;t been used to night feeds for all this time.

Good luck and hope you're through this soon!


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