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best ice cream maker

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lulu25 Sun 25-May-08 16:59:35

sorry this isn't really a recipe, but any recommendations?

ours has just died and paralysed by indecision about what to get next (can't get hold of another of the same type)


petunia Tue 27-May-08 06:19:35

I have one of these that's very good.

The best one's are with a built in freezer - much heavier and bigger but make superb ice cream - mines imported from Italy - a SIMAC GILATAIO - costs in region of £200 shock but if you really like fab ice cream its the dogs YKW!! Had those freezer type bowl jobs in the past - they're OK - but this is the real McCoy grin

plus3 Wed 25-Jun-08 14:26:08

I second petunia's. We are using it lots at the moment,and it is fab. The only thing is that you have to put the bowl in the freezer for 15hrs prior to making the ice cream. Not a big deal!

Graciefer Mon 14-Jul-08 23:13:48

I bought a 'Philips HR2304 Ice Cream Maker' from amazon recently and I would highly recommend it.

Instead of having to freeze the whole bowl, it has a removeable disc (which is approx 2 inches thick by 7 inches across) at the bottom of the bowl which you freeze, this takes up a lot less room than having to have a whole bowl in your freezer.

I also bought an additional cooling disc, so I could make more than 1 batch of ice cream at a time (like the frozen bowl types of machine, the discs need to be in your freezer from 18-24 hours).

I have used the machine an awful lot already and I really do think I will continue to use it regularly (unlike the bread maker I purchased, which has probably only seen day light a handful of times).

I would also recommend 'Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book', which was £4.99 on amazon when I bought it and the recipes are both easy to follow and a lot tastier than any commerical ice-cream I have ever bought.

The only trouble is that I bought the machine so I could make ice cream suitable for my diabetic DH and for my son who has a casein free diet, however now that my DH has tasted the ice cream from the Ben & Jerry's book, I doubt I will ever be able to move him on to more diabetic friendly recipes.

I was planning on investing in a larger expensive inbuilt freezer type machine, if this philips machine proved to me that I enjoyed making home made ice cream and that it tasted nice.

However despite both of these things being proved correct, I am going to stick with the Philips machine as it is so easy to use/clean/store, that I see no need in upgrading at all.

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