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hwat is the right amount of food for 6months old?

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jessicasmummy Mon 17-Jan-05 12:45:58

my dd is 6 months and on 3 solid meals a day... at present only managing half a jar of heinz 4 month puree rubbish per meal. Is this enough to be classed as a meal or should i try to up to 4 meals a day?

Beansmum Mon 17-Jan-05 13:16:02

I have no idea, but I was just about to start a similar thread!

My ds is 7.5 months though and I think he's eating too much, not too little. I don't give him jars so I find it really hard to know how much to serve him.

As long as your dd is still getting plenty of milk and seems happy I don't think you need to worry about giving another meal. I don't know anything though, I'm constantly worrying about how much to feed ds.

Twiglett Mon 17-Jan-05 13:18:19

no .. they take what they take .. at this stage its just getting used to it

it'll change very quickly .. DD now 8 months can polish off 2 x 7 month jars PLUS a slice of bread PLUS rice cakes (but at 6 months was the same as yours)

Twiglett Mon 17-Jan-05 13:18:51

a 7 month jar fills 3/4 of a small plastic bowl (like the ones from Ikea) if that helps

jessicasmummy Mon 17-Jan-05 13:19:25

thanks for the tips... just concerned as can only get 3 bottles in her a day too

sweetkitty Mon 17-Jan-05 14:03:25

I've just started on 3 meals a day for DD whos 6 months. She has 2 spoonfuls of babyrice and milk for breakfast, she had half a jar of babyfood (her first time ever today) and 2 tablespoonfuls of yoghurt and a cube of apple for lunch and 5 cubes of mixed veg for dinner (think this is about half a jar) some days she eats little dinner but I don't stress about it she still gets 5-6 breasfeeds a day so I reckon she's getting enough.

kbaby Thu 20-Jan-05 20:49:22

dd 7 months has 3 bottles of milk.porridge and then dinner is 3/4 of the 7 month jar savory and one of dessert and tea time is the same.

zebra Thu 20-Jan-05 20:55:27

I'm like you, Beansmum....DS was on the equivalent of about 2-2.5 (small-size) jars/day, plus breastmilk, at 6 months + 1 week old (he's now 7 months & possibly having a bit less now). He's a pig, though, I would rather he had more milk & less solids... but, he's tending to not want to breastfeed in the day any more, will only have solids or water to drink from a cup.

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