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Calling cake experts..why do my fairy cakes go pointy in the middle?!

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chocolatepig Wed 21-May-08 15:14:02

That's it really, what am I doing wrong??

gothicmama Wed 21-May-08 15:15:15

do you mean they rise more, try putting a slight hollow in the middle of the mixture before baking

Oliveoil Wed 21-May-08 15:18:10

oh mine do that too

like a peak? makes me v mad as then my icing runs

WrongSideOfTwenty Wed 21-May-08 15:18:24

I use Nigellas recipe,it never seems to do this.

MrsCarrot Wed 21-May-08 15:20:38

they all do don't they? I've never seen a fairy cake that rises like a souffle, you either ice them pointy, slice them flat or make butterfly buns.

The flat ones in Nigella look pretty with the flowers on.

S1ur Wed 21-May-08 15:21:16

makesure you don't over fill them, that seems to reduce peaking

WrongSideOfTwenty Wed 21-May-08 15:29:57

Maybe that's why Nigellas don't seem to do this. Even she says that it doesn't look like enough mixture but it is.

unclefluffy Wed 21-May-08 15:41:13

I thought my Nigella book recommended chopping the peaks off. Handy if you are peckish but can't afford to lose a whole cake!

MrsBadger Wed 21-May-08 16:04:01

mine always rise flat in a souffle stylee, I never get peaks

do you cream the butter & sugar first or use an all-in-one method?
butter or marg?
do you add milk? baking powder?
gas or electric oven? fan?

MrsCarrot Wed 21-May-08 16:39:20

so which of those options garuntee a souffle style then, MrsB?

Vulgar Wed 21-May-08 16:48:14

Use baking powder as well as self raising flour. this stops the volcano look.

MrsBadger Wed 21-May-08 18:07:55

not all-in-one
no milk
no baking powder
medium eggs
other ingredients weighed in ounces
preheated oven (type has never made a difference)
do not leave mixture hanging around once mixed
heaped teaspoonful per case

I think some pointyness is due to too hot an oven - the outside ring sets before the centre rises. Lower temp means it all rises at once.

Vulgar Wed 21-May-08 18:10:05

Mrs B is obviously the guru of non-pointy fairy cakes.

<<bows down in awe >>

MrsCarrot Wed 21-May-08 18:13:12

hmm, I do all that except use butter and large eggs and it's peaks all the way. What marg is is, Stork?

chocolatepig Wed 21-May-08 19:25:15

Mrs B, I have tried a variety of methods - thanks for the tips. So Marg over butter then?

Umlellala Wed 21-May-08 19:31:25

My mum said it's too hot if they peak. Mine somtimes peak, sometimes not (will check re overfilling cases next time...)

VanillaPumpkin Wed 21-May-08 19:35:01

All my cakes peak! I have the hottest oven in the world, even if I turn it down.
They are perfect for butterfly cakes though. Cut the middle peaky bit out, and cut it in half. Fill the hole with buttercream and put the two halves back on as wings at a jaunty angle. Sprinkle with icing sugar. They look great!

Tatterdemalion Wed 21-May-08 19:36:11

use creaming method

no baking powder

reduce amount put in case

oven too hot.

cosima Wed 21-May-08 19:37:14

i bet butterfly cakes were invented because of this very reason

Lubyloo Wed 21-May-08 19:42:51

I use Nigella's recipe and they still peak. Last time I made them I turned the oven down but they still weren't flat.

WrongSideOfTwenty Thu 22-May-08 10:16:17

I think it must have a lot to do with the oven then, although if I use other recipes they tend to peak, strange!

cadelaide Thu 22-May-08 10:19:06

Oven too hot.

Mine never used to do this, now I've got a new oven and they're like it every time, can't get it right.

MrsCarrot Thu 22-May-08 13:04:01

I'm going to try MrsB's list today and if I still get peaks then it's my oven

though I don't care about peaks that much, but I will be interested to see some souffle styles

MrsBadger Thu 22-May-08 13:13:01

decrease oven temp by 20º too

mrsbabookaloo Tue 27-May-08 17:26:28

I just made my very first fairy cakes yesterday, so feel excited to be able to comment on this. I used nigella's recipe but did the "By hand" method as I don't have a mixer and I got peaks, but was still very pleased! Nigella said cut the peaks off for a flat surface for icing, but I did this with one and it made the icing all crumby. Rubbish. I think peaks are fine if your icing is thick enough. I made water icing (several types, and some butter icing, was experimenting for cakes i have to take to a wedding) and when I was very careful to add just enough water and not too much it didn't drip.

I'm just bragging here, as a very hesitant baker who is gaining in confidence!

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