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baby pasta

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Sandi102 Sun 16-Jan-05 17:27:32

where can i buy this from?

MrsBigD Sun 16-Jan-05 17:36:38

I used to buy some from Sainsbury and Tesco called Organix. It used to be a green pack

Hope this helps

princesspeahead Sun 16-Jan-05 17:40:01

organix don't do it any more. and you can't get small soup pasta from any major supermarket (well none that I've been into in the last 18mths!). But if you go to any Italian or Greek or similar corner shop/deli, they always stock tiny soup pasta (mini stars, small pasta rice etc) which is what you want. If you are in west london adamou brothers in chiswick has it, for example.

Socci Sun 16-Jan-05 17:46:39

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 16-Jan-05 18:35:11

Message withdrawn

lowcalCOD Sun 16-Jan-05 18:36:08

(thunk) ther ae about 72 threads on this int eh archived threads section

Heathcliffscathy Sun 16-Jan-05 18:41:15

sainsbury's fusilini are great. cook slightly longer than it says on pack

tassis Sun 16-Jan-05 18:53:50

Really annoying that you can't seem to get this anymore. Organix used to do it. My supermarkets didn't stock particulatly small pasta so I used to mush it with a hand blender which isn't great. Can I suggest couscous for a quick no-cook alternative? I regularly give this to ds (now 21months) and he has enjoyed it from about 8 months. Simply put a small amount in a wee pt, cover with boiling water and there you go!

MummytoSteven Mon 17-Jan-05 16:35:40

waitrose - peter rabbit baby food range

Harrysmom Mon 17-Jan-05 16:41:34

Ive been using "Organ" gluten free pastas from Sainsbury's....Rice and maize or rice and millet

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