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Quick meals for gluten free 15 month old please!

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spod Sat 15-Jan-05 23:46:57

I need some ideas for those days where i've forgotten to get something out of the freezer to defrost.... what can i make? she cant's eat any gluten.... so nothing with wheat, oats barley etc.... that means nothing bread, pasta, pastry based all i can come up with is omlette... and i reckon shes gonna get fed up with that! thanks!

kinderbob Sat 15-Jan-05 23:50:30

Mash potato

You can get some gluten free spagetti and pasta at the supermarket. They do tins of it here in NZ in tomato sauce, like Heinz.

aloha Sat 15-Jan-05 23:54:06

Baked potatoes (microwave for super fastness) with tuna/beans/cheese - mash all together
Baked sweet potatoes - ditto
Broccolli/cauli cheese. Cut up broccoli/cauli small so it boils quickly, make a cheese sauce with melted down cream cheese or creme fraiche plus grated cheddar
Helen Browning's organic sausages (fry in five mins) chopped up with veg
risotto (not as quick but 20mins)
avocado bits, hummus, taramasalata with carrot & cucumber dips if she can manage this.
Can't you buy gluten free pasta? I seem to recall seeing this product somewhere.

aloha Sat 15-Jan-05 23:54:29

Ooh yes, cheesy mash with peas. Yum.

colditzmum Sat 15-Jan-05 23:56:20

Egg and chips!

spod Sat 15-Jan-05 23:59:03

great ideas, thanks..... you wouldnt believe how difficult it is to buy gluten free chips! Can get pasta, but its expensive, as is all gluten free stuff... especially as i have to eat gluten free too! where can i get thoses sausages??

aloha Sun 16-Jan-05 00:03:59

Sainsbury's - and they are totally delicious - a case of 'one for you....two for mummy'.

colditzmum Sun 16-Jan-05 00:04:40

Aren't chips just made of potato? What on earth are they putting in my chips!!!! You could make homemade ones, they take a bit longer to cook. What about bakeed beans on mash? Do they have gluten?

spod Sun 16-Jan-05 00:07:02

you'd be surprised at whats in your food! I read every label these days as have been caught out... finding gluten in the starngest things.... including sweets, ice cream, peanuts! things that i didnt bother checking until dd reacted to them.... and sausages....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its been ages! off to sainsburys.

ChicPea Sun 16-Jan-05 00:09:27

Where do you live Spod. Waitrose sell gluten free sausages called "Gluten Free Sausages" and so do M & S and I think they are called "Premium Pork Sausages" but not as nice as Waitrose. They do not say gluten free but there isn't any rusk listed in the ingredients and I have tried them and didn't react. Sainsburys sell frankfurters labelled gluten free and so do Waitrose (not labelled gluten free). If you join the coeliac society (say you are diagnosed coeliac otherwise you can't join) you will get lots of suppliers of gluten free foods send you info and you can then mail order pasta, crumpets, bread, etc. Waitrose sell Antoinette Savills bread which is the best gf white bread. Trying to track down the best brown gf bread which Selfridges used to sell but don't anymore.

ChicPea Sun 16-Jan-05 00:11:40

Bought some oven bake chips this week from M & S where only potatoes and veg oil is listed. I think flour is added to some chips to stop them sticking. It's the same with grated cheese. Eeeeeuuuuwwwww.

spod Sun 16-Jan-05 00:12:25

thanks chickpea, thats so useful.. unfortunately we live in a waitrose free zone (god knows where nearest is... over an hour away at least) and our m&s is tiny... but i will look out and joing that coeliac soc.... thanks!

ChicPea Sun 16-Jan-05 00:23:54

The reason why you have to say you are coeliac when you are asked is because they rely on donations and send alot of info to you. So they just want to support coeliacs and not people who fashionably say "no wheat, etc". It is worth joining as you will automatically received oodles of gf info from suppliers from crumpets to mince pies to pizzas.

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