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Cake Mix???!!! Just how insulted should I feel??

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tarantula Sat 15-Jan-05 23:06:59

Men!! How do they manage to put their foot in it so badly???
Senario. Its dds 1st birthday today and we were in the supermarket yesterday buying a nice dinner for today when I said "right we just need to go to the baking section" to which dp replied "oh yes you need to get a cake mix dont you?". Now I may not be a top pastry chef or make merengue mushroom and fancy stuff like that but I can bung a sponge together and its not like dd is demanding any kinda special cake (yet).
FGS Ive been with the man for ten years and taught his son to bake!!! I dunno I really dont!!
So the question is do I forgive this heinious crime or should I start planning some dastardly revenge??? I feel that salt in his tea is just not enough

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 23:08:11

make him a cake using cake mix then another completely delicious cake for the rest of you

Cardigan Sat 15-Jan-05 23:08:24

At least he can use the mix to make the cake whilst you put your feet up

Chandra Sat 15-Jan-05 23:09:26

I love cake mix

tarantula Sat 15-Jan-05 23:19:09

Sorry Chandra Got nothing against cake mixes Actually never tried one I obviously led a sheltered life (Irish Catholic girl and all) Twas more his thought that I cant bake [sob]
Unfortunately his not a big cake man, Jampots, so I may take revenge by forcing him to eat vast quanities of it .
DD and I made the cake this morning.She got covered in flour and ate lots of the cream and jam so was good fun. Made DH tidy up tho he he

tillykins Sun 16-Jan-05 00:26:39

Gosh tarantula, I would take that as a compliment - my forays into the baking section is to buy a ready made cake

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