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Help!! 6 months old suddenly starting to fuss over solids!!

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Celou Sat 15-Jan-05 12:38:36

I started weaning dd when she was 4 months old and she seemed to get on really well.
I introduced all the usual things, baby rice with pear first, pureed vegetables etc...
And she little by little decreased her 11 o'clock milk feed and instead had more solids.
Everything was going fine, she was always finishing her solids, when suddenly she turned six months!!!
She only seems to be interested in her milk now, and has increased her 11 o'clock milk feed from 90ml to 180ml (which means she's back to 4 consistant milk feeds a day), and clamps her mouth shut when offered solids. In fact she seems to open her mouth for the first spoonful, and then refuses the rest. Which drove me to think she didn't like the taste, so I changed the foods, tried jars thinking she didn't like mummy's own, even tried baby rice again (which she loved) and she still refused (although she's fussing a bit less on baby rice), and even fussed like she's never fussed before over anything, looking frustrated and going red. What am I doing wrong guys?
She has been like this for 4 days now, and she does eat a little bit, but it's still an insignificant amount compared to what she's used to.
By the way, I was told that babies can lose their apetite when teething, and just want milk, because they prefer to chew on a teat. I don't know if that's true or just a myth. Anyway dd already has 2 bottom teeth (they appeared when she was 3 months and a half, with 2 weeks intervals between them), so perhaps the top ones are on their way, but wouldn't she look in pain at other times? Mind you she is dribbling like mad at the moment and is always trying to chew on things.
Please can I get your tips, advice, and has anyone been in this situation before?
Thanks (sorry about the essai!!)

Twiglett Sat 15-Jan-05 12:55:42

she's teething no doubt

don't worry

and most of all don't stress because it will turn into a game for her

just keep offering her food and you'll get through this in a week or two

Frizbe Sat 15-Jan-05 13:07:36

snap twiglett, I was going to say exactly the same

Celou Sat 15-Jan-05 13:19:43

Thanks guys, so it's true then what they say about teething.
Cheers for reassuring me!!

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