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How can I get ds to drink?

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AnnaK Thu 13-Jan-05 19:42:42

Ds (10 months) won't drink anything other than milk and today he had managed a whole 11oz! I am getting concerned now. Should I change to follow on milk to ensure he gets more nutrients? I have tried cups and different spouts and different teats and the only thing he will take from is a NUK teat. (I breastfed until he was nealy 8 months.) I have tried giving him a large hole this evening but he still only had 4oz before bedtime.

lockets Thu 13-Jan-05 19:47:37

Message withdrawn

AnnaK Thu 13-Jan-05 19:51:13

No, I was told that (by a health visitor) if he ate a reasonable diet, he wouldn't need to.

lockets Thu 13-Jan-05 19:55:15

Message withdrawn

wildone Thu 13-Jan-05 19:55:24

My advice is not to offer milk at all for one day. \its winter so not going to be dehydrated if refuses drink for 24 hrs. When my daughter was younger, now 6, never ate at all while having milk. only when i stopped it did she feel hungry enough to eat. dont mean to alarm you but friend of mine had 5 year old who wouldn't eat, just drank milk and ended up very anaemic.

AnnaK Thu 13-Jan-05 19:57:37

Ds is on first milk, not cows milk yet. I could try not giving any milk but am worried about constipation.

Amanda3266 Thu 13-Jan-05 19:59:53

Hi Anna,

If he eats well, it may be that he's getting adequate liquid from his food and doesn't need much else other than the milk he's having in addition. Dome babies do this - our DS was the same and I worried alot about it but in the end he was fine and eventually after lots of trying - took a cup. Just check that you're getting lots of wet nappies and if so then you can be assured he's getting enough fluid.

If he's eating an adequate diet you don't need to change to follow on milk, however, if you're worried that he's not eating enough then follow on milk will give him some extra iron.

HTH a bit


Surfermum Fri 14-Jan-05 17:08:21

Dd hardly drank anything when she was that age, and wasn't fussed about milk. My HV told me to just keep offering drinks and she would drink if she was thirsty, and that she was probably getting enough fluid from her food.

I made sure that she had plenty of yoghurts and cheese, and cooked all her meals in milk. I would also put a good 8oz of milk on her weetabix at breakfast.

I also found that she was able to drink out of a straw much easier than any other cup/beaker and would drink more. It's only now she's older that she seems to be able to drink from the anyway up cups (have you tried them yourself? you have to suck until you're cross-eyed!).

AnnaK Wed 19-Jan-05 08:41:05

Much appreciated. He seems to be drinking again after a week of frightening me. I must learn not to be concerned over every blip! (paranoid first time mum!)

alibo Thu 20-Jan-05 19:17:17

my ds has suddenly started fussing over his usual cup, but will sip water from my glass that i am drinking!!

Surfermum Thu 20-Jan-05 19:22:43

Glad things have improved Anna. You're not a paranoid first time mum, just a normal one! I was (still am) exactly the same.

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