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Recipes to use up bran flakes

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Lambchops Mon 30-Dec-02 00:09:08

I cleared out a kitchen cupboard yesterday and found an enormous box of bran flakes left over from when I did B+B. Does anyone know a recipe for making them into cakes or any way of using them? Can't face the thought of eating them as breakfast cereal....yeuch!

Dannie Mon 30-Dec-02 00:24:56

Chocolate branflake cakes? (like chocolate cornflake cakes only higher in fibre?)

Corbin Tue 31-Dec-02 01:56:12

I use bran flakes and cornflakes for finishing the tops of casseroles. My general casserole formula is one pound cooked meat (chicken, turkey, shredded or minced beef) 2 cups cooked pasta or rice, 2 cups vegetable of some sort and 1 1/2 cups white or cheese sauce. I mix it all up, put a light sprinkling of cheese over the top and then put about 2 cups crushed flakes over, dot with butter and bake. I have no idea about british baking temperatures so I'm not even going to try!

I wonder is this sort of thing normal or a weird american thing? It's called a "hot dish" in most of the US, and hardly anyone makes their own white sauce but uses canned cream soups. My dh loves it when I make these, and usually it's nearly all leftovers and he never knows.

You can also crush bran flakes and use them in place of half the flour in muffin or bread recipes. They have to be really pulverized for that.

Dip chicken (or chops of some sort) in beaten egg, then coat in crushed flakes. Bake as you would normally cook your chicken etc.

If I think of more uses I'll post them!

Here are lots of bran flake recipes: bran flake recipes

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