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I've just been told that vegans don't eat honey. Is this true and if so, why?

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Bubble99 Fri 09-May-08 21:56:09

That's it really.

I'd always thought that vegans don't eat animal products that have been produced by causing pain or exploitation. Does honey fit with this? I'd have thought that bees can, off ...if they don't like where they are.

alphadaydreamer Thu 20-Nov-08 21:17:17

Wannabe have you looked at factory farmed hens....that will probably answer your question.

Sputnik Fri 16-May-08 22:38:02

Yeah, 2 insects being exploited there

iMum Fri 16-May-08 22:07:27

Yeah you see, im not sure thats any better!@

Sputnik Fri 16-May-08 21:23:12

honey really is not bee sick.
They have a thing called a honey sac where honey is made from nectar, separate from the stomach.

Honey made (by bees) from honeydew is, however, aphid crap grin

iMum Fri 16-May-08 20:58:52

May I just remind you all that no matter how sweet, honey is bee sick.


I was vegan for years and much healthier for it, had to go back to being veggie as my thyroid meds were nulled by the soya i was eating.

But not a day goes by really when i dont lament my vegan days, i really was so much healthier. not at all thin and pale (i wish-exgoth you see)

Being just a veggie now i do have honey in the house and can eat it but only until i remeber thousands of tiny little bees puking their guts up for my jar of honey.

bossybritches Fri 16-May-08 20:47:32

Bubble may I join in your nursery poo co-operative ??????

PMSL- I just had a surreal thought of explaining THAT one to OFSTED...........grin

bratnav Fri 16-May-08 16:39:12


Although on the same lines, when we were in our late teens a friend of mine asked if it was ok to give her bf oral sex as she was veggie...

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 16-May-08 15:32:31

I remember reading in the Times a couple of months ago (in the 'sex' questions section) a question from a Vegan who was concerned if she , ahem, swallowed when performing oral sex she was contravening the rules of vegan living.

How the hours must fly by at their house, I thought.

Sorry to lower the tone blush

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 16-May-08 15:32:31

I remember reading in the Times a couple of months ago (in the 'sex' questions section) a question from a Vegan who was concerned if she , ahem, swallowed when performing oral sex she was contravening the rules of vegan living.

How the hours must fly by at their house, I thought.

Sorry to lower the tone blush

Sputnik Fri 16-May-08 15:15:43

I used to be a commercial beekeeper, bees are certainly NOT killed at the end of each year.

Actually you could kind of argue bees "like" being kept, as beekeepers give them extra space for the colony to grow and to produce a surplus (which is what is harvested, you always leave the bees enough for winter).

Some beekeepers will eat the drone larvae, apparently they're quite tasty.

sarah293 Tue 13-May-08 08:16:55

Message withdrawn

Hallgerda Tue 13-May-08 07:44:29

On the bee meat steak point, it used to be possible to buy chocolate coated bumble bees in the Seventies.

julienoshoes Tue 13-May-08 07:21:34

Vegans = thin and pale, IME.


I am definitely not thin-not even 'thinninsh'- much more 'fattish' if I am honest and not pale either-quite dark skinned with rosey cheeks.
I know quite a few vegans now-no skinny ones amongst them. Lots of healthy well informed people though.

Have been meat eater all my life until the last few years-become vegan as I was dairy free for health reasons.
Hubby became ill with gall bladder/pancreas problems and couldn't have surgery because of another medical problem, so he had a very low fat diet and couldn't tolerate any meat without severe pain.
Already had one veggie daughter and one vegan one.
SO cooking separate meals for one veggie, one vegan, one dairy free and one low fat diet PLUS the worlds biggest meat eater, my ds was simply not possible.
Vegan food was the one thing we could all tolerate/accept so that's what i cooked.
vegan food -with meat on the side for son.

Have found the food to be lovely, have become a more adventurous cook. Not difficult when you have the internet, just Google vegan recipes and you come up with all sorts of information.

Don't miss meat at all.
Don't eat honey, do eat yeast.

I was astounded to read the UN report 'Livestock's' Long Shadow' states that;

10 Hectares of land = meat for 2 people, or maize for 10 people, grain for 24 people or soya for 61.


Water is interesting also - 1 kg wheat uses 1000 liters of water whilst 1 kg of beef needs 100,000 liters.

I do think each person has to make their own judgements of what is right for them/how far they take this.
My children have a condition that will need treatment at some point. The choices are having human derived substances-and risk infection from various diseases such as HIV etc or use GM animal derived products.
The best I can do is give the girls information about the facts and they can make their own choices (they are both now committed vegans). They both recognise that the choices they would make now, are likely to change when potentially a child's life is concerned -for they will both need treatment if/when they get pregnant.

sarah293 Mon 12-May-08 17:24:33

Message withdrawn

Nighbynight Mon 12-May-08 17:12:02

I am pmsl at bubble spotting a new business development.

Blandmum Mon 12-May-08 16:42:09

Yeast is alive, but then so are plants and bacteria.

branflake81 Mon 12-May-08 16:39:23

I am shocked that vegans don't eat yeast.

It's not "alive" in the sense that we are alive or a cat is alive....

that's just taking things too far.

But then my dinner of choice is a big fat bleeding steak straight from the cow. So I'm perhaps not best placed to understand.

sarah293 Sun 11-May-08 21:09:27

Message withdrawn

RustyBear Sat 10-May-08 16:38:43

Does anyone else find it ironic that there's an ad for bacon at the top of this thread?

Lauriefairycake Sat 10-May-08 13:49:13

Tooticky is right. I got my two organic reared chickens from a farmer who probably disposed of the male chicks at some point in the process. So, 5 years ago in the same batch as my two girls was born some male chicks would have been killed.

Obviously they don't need a cockerel to lay as I have eggs every day. Obviously we are not vegan, though dh is veggie.

I think it is very difficult to have any type of farming where some animal at some point has not suffered in the process and that's why we just do the best we can without being insane about it. Applies for us to environmental issues, we have to have a car but we just drive as little as possible.

TooTicky Sat 10-May-08 13:18:38

Picking up on an earlier point, chicks are frequently gassed or minced alive.

And as for vegans keeping chickens, if you look at the bigger picture, where do they get the chickens from? Probably somewhere that discards the male chicks...

And then there are the poor dairy cows....

If everybody went vegan, there would be more than enough food to feed the world.

ib Sat 10-May-08 12:59:02

lol at this thread. Yes, my sister is an ethical vegan. Very earnest, but neither thin nor pale. She's a huge foodie, as well. And much healthier since she's gone vegan (previously had cholesterol issues).

StopSpyingYouFreak Sat 10-May-08 00:24:17

Neil from The Young ONes. That's all I think of.

pinkyminky Sat 10-May-08 00:06:15

Good luck!

pinkyminky Sat 10-May-08 00:05:39

Yep. We eat a small amount of organic, free range meat.

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