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Which fruits are currently seasonal - besides apples and pears?

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Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 15:02:24

What happened to my message. I put a load of stuff in about DS pinching all DD's very expensive peaches and what to buy thats seasonal and suitable for an 8mo. Any ideas?

Also are bananas, kiwis, mangos, papayas and avacados every seasonal?

jangly Tue 11-Jan-05 15:08:43

You could say English Bramley cooking apples are still seasonal. They will have been stored chilled since the autumn. Don't think anything else is seasonal now! I think mangos seem to get cheaper/more in the shops in the autumn. Oh! marmalade oranges are seasonal now, but not what you're wanting!

JanH Tue 11-Jan-05 15:09:56

I think tropical things are in season all year round, aren't they? Where they grow, I mean.

Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 15:52:15

Thats what I sort of thought JanH. They're never really seasonal here so it doesn't make any difference when you buy them. But I bought some Israeli strawberries the other day whereas I could have bought British ones in June.

Was just looking for some inspiration for DD's stewed/mashed/grated fruit really. Have got some Bramleys off my Uncle's tree but have not been giving them to DD because they need sugaring. We had a lovely crumble though

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 15:58:16

Plenty of veggies are in season-cabbage,parsnips,turnips,swedes.
Also quinces and citrus fruits.

flashingnose Tue 11-Jan-05 16:20:40

Grapes and mangoes from South Africa are at their best now .

Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 16:30:27

Ooh some interesting options. Will deffo get some mango - DD loves it and so easy to prepare for her. I'm ignorant - how would I prepare a quince for an 8mo, Moondog?

I have no problem with the veg, as she pretty much has what we have - so lots of brocolli (just to keep DS happy) but also parsnips, onions, carrots, leeks, swede etc. I like to keep her fruit intake up though to keep her regular (giver her pureed prunes with her porridge as well).

Casmie Tue 11-Jan-05 17:02:28

I always look at Abel & Cole 's "This Week" section to get an idea of what fruit & veg is in season for this country. I don't buy from there - can't afford it, but it does give me ideas for what to buy in the supermarket .

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 20:15:18

Bozza, I'm BIG into quinces! They're rather like a cross between an apple and pear, but I think best way to deal with them is to roast and then puree them. Delicious!

(Loads of 'em here in Turkey. I know they're not so common in UK but sources here tell me that they are widely available in Turkish shops.)

Frizbe Tue 11-Jan-05 20:24:07

Got some nice cherries cheap the other day so they must be in season somewhere!

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