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loaf sugar and fondant icing

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MrsFogi Mon 10-Jan-05 11:19:41

Can anyone tell me what loaf sugar is + can I use another type of sugar to make fondant icing?
Also, how difficult is fondant icing to make, I had a look at a recipe this weekend and it sounded a bit daunting!

Soothepoo Mon 10-Jan-05 11:40:05

Do you mean icing you can roll out? If yes, then I wouldn't bother to make your own - it is a faff, and the stuff that supermarkets or cake decorating shops sell is good. Regal Ice, or Sainsbury's ready to roll are the ones I know.
Loaf sugar, as far as I know, is sugar in a big block, so you would need to chip off the amount you need to use. I wouldn't have thought that would be good to use for fondant icing, as it needs to be very smooth.

LIZS Mon 10-Jan-05 11:47:13

I've used regular icing sugar for fondant icing. I was terrified but actually it came together really well when I had to make it. If you use fresh egg white it only keeps fresh for a few days though so apparently using powdered egg white is better.

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