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feeding a one year old

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nightowl Mon 10-Jan-05 06:45:33

what can i give her now? can she eat the same food as us? im at a complete loss. when i cook i never use any salt anyway but im still worrying about salt that may already be in ingredients. plus there is the fact that occasionally if we're in a rush ds will have fish fingers, chicken nuggets etc. its not often but can i give baby this on these occasions? i feel cruel in a way as i'll make her something which to me seems very bland. then i'll do ds his meal, then me with my diet food and baby will throw hers away and come crawling up trying to steal ours! cant think of an example as such but if i cooked something from the recipie book could she eat it too?

nailpolish Mon 10-Jan-05 07:52:52

i think you could just give her what you are having yourself, nightowl, within reason obviously. i remember my dd at her 1st birthday party, scoffing all the mini sausage rolls and cakes

MrsBigD Mon 10-Jan-05 07:53:07

your best bet is probably to try if she actually would eat it and if you don't use salt cooking yourself she should be alright. I've got an appointment with dd at a nutritionist on Wednesday and can alsways ask her

nailpolish Mon 10-Jan-05 07:56:04

ive just read your other thread - if your one year old doesnt have any teeth i would be worried that she may choke on food that she cant chew. when my dd was 1 she had lots of teeth and had been eating same food as me for a wee while (homemade, so i knew what was in it)

nightowl Mon 10-Jan-05 08:31:21

yeah sorry should have added that! she doesnt have any teeth at all yet.

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