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What's the name of those very heavy orange saucepans (french I think)

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tentunturq Sun 09-Jan-05 18:51:44

My cheapo pots are all rapidly biting the dust and I want to buy some decent ones, but I've gone completely blank on the ones I want to search for. They do other colours now but were originally always orange. I keep thinking trousseau or le touquet but I know it obviously isn't. Anyone?

Yorkiegirl Sun 09-Jan-05 18:52:30

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Sun 09-Jan-05 18:52:42

le creuset (sp?) too heavy imo

DissLocated Sun 09-Jan-05 18:53:56

I agree - had similar thoughts about splashing out on some myself but tried to lift one up in the shop and needed 2 hands and a hernia to get it off the shelf!

littleweed Sun 09-Jan-05 18:54:20

I think you might mean LE CRUESET? very heavy. Wouldn't get the ones with wooden handles like we did many moons ago as if you are a crap cook like i am they end up catching fire........
some outlet centres sell them a bit cheaper as they are quite expensive.

Kayleigh Sun 09-Jan-05 18:54:39

agree that they are heavy but i have had mine for 11 years (wedding present) and they are still going strong.

tentunturq Sun 09-Jan-05 18:55:59

Thats it - thank you

I thought they were supposed to be the best? Any recommendations for others then?

MrsDoolittle Sun 09-Jan-05 19:00:05

They are very heavy, but absolutely fabulous. I put them on our wedding list, Mum got hers as a wedding present and they too are still going strong.
The colour your thinking of is the same as mine,its volcanic!

tentunturq Sun 09-Jan-05 19:01:31

Yikes - just done a search and even on sale in dollars it's made me gulp a bit. But that's what I thought , they last for ever.

princesspeahead Sun 09-Jan-05 19:06:44

my sister knows giorgio locatelli and asked him which pans to put on her weddinglist and he said that Allclad stainless steel ones were the best - she got them and is happy with them I think.
I've had Le Creuset for years (as well as stainless steel) and tbh they stayed in a drawer pretty much unused until I moved to a house with an aga where they do come into their own for using in the ovens. wouldn't buy them again otherwise.

lowcalCOD Sun 09-Jan-05 19:07:32

I have one big caserole and I like it a lot

princesspeahead Sun 09-Jan-05 19:08:03

ps my stainless steel ones are italian - made by lagostina - and NOT ridiculously expensive but I'm v v happy with them - 8 years later they look as good as new and are still going strong and the handles are v good and stay cool

Clayhead Sun 09-Jan-05 19:08:11

agree, the casseroles are great, very useful

tentunturq Sun 09-Jan-05 19:14:50

Thanks for that - the allclad is a US make so is more reasonable here, but the handles had bothered me. If they stay cool then thats ok.
Hopefully nobody will expect my cooking to live up to the fancy pans though

miggy Sun 09-Jan-05 19:17:29

have had my le creuset set for 16 yrs-my first ever purchase with a salary. I have no others and cook a lot and they really are as good as new. They are heavy but not unbearably so, the frying pan is however and sits in the cupboard unused!

lowcalCOD Sun 09-Jan-05 19:19:29

I havet he JOhn lewis !" jonelle pans" really plain and great

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