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please help - at my wits' end with dd 11 months and refusing to eat anything except formula!

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Soprana Tue 29-Apr-08 14:20:40

Sorry if this is going over old ground, but I'm new here...

My 11 mo dd started off being weaned enthusiastically - ate everything I put in front of her. I have always prepared food fresh. For a while she was eating baby cereal and toast or pureed fruit at breakfast, followed by, for example, fish pie or cottage pie for lunch and fruit and yoghurt for dinner. Oh and formula to top and tail the day. Gradually though she's refusing everything now in the way of solids apart from fruit and yoghurt. She won't eat anything I prepare for her so I spend hours thinking of what to make, shopping and cooking, only for it all to go in the bin. I'm totally out of ideas and worrying she'll be malnourished if she doesn't eat some meat and veg.

Can anyone out there suggest anything?


girlfrommars Tue 29-Apr-08 15:16:43

For now, don't panic. If she's drinking plenty of milk and eating fruit and yoghurt, she's getting plenty of nutrients.

I'm sure people will be along soon with some suggestions smile

girlfrommars Tue 29-Apr-08 15:20:41

oops blush

Just seen your other thread.

Bezi Tue 29-Apr-08 15:23:00

Ive had the same problems with ds, I know how frustrating it can be, try not to let it worry you too much aslong as they eat something. My ds now 13 months is gradually getting better, I know you said you always make fresh food, which is what I do, but I did find ds would eat jars of baby food no problem, have you tried jarred food I know you probably think he should be eating fresh food but jars are better than nothing. Ive found my ds will eat fresh food better if smothered in a cheese sauce.

mankymummy Tue 29-Apr-08 15:30:43

keep the food simple so you dont get frustrated at her not eating what you've spent ages cooking.

try just some steamed veg (steamed to quite soft at first).

then take a deep breath and try the following..

as you are finishing off making the food, start talking to her... telling her a story about teddy bears or something. take the food over, keep talking to her making eye contact, lots of suspense... "you'll never guess what happened then...", pop the food in her mouth, keep talking. keep doing this, make her laugh if you can, lots of drama.

Idea is that she doesnt have time to think about what she's eating but will automatically open and close her mouth and eat (make sure the story is a good one though!).

Afterwards or when she starts refusing, just say, "havent you done well eating lots of dinner..", take the food away and get on with the next thing.

Even if she only takes one mouthful at first keep doing it. If she refuses straight off, keep sitting there telling the story and try again a minute or so later.

Or.. you could try offering her a choice of two things, like a piece of brocolli or a piece of carrot and let her grab whichever one she wants to eat.

Hope that helps. Sorry that went on a bit didnt it?!!! grin

mankymummy Tue 29-Apr-08 15:31:58

meant to say that suggestion was just to get her back on eating again and get used to the texture of food that isnt yoghurt or fruit, not suggesting you go through that palaver for ever ! grin

nzgirl Sat 18-Jul-09 13:31:58

Our 9.5 month old also started off being weaning enthusiastically - ate almost everything we gave her. From 7 months we introduced finger foods and self-spoon-feeding - a little bit messy, but lots of fun.

At 8 months old she started refusing anything on a spoon. We put this down to teething, followed by an ear infection, followed by the heat-wave, but now she won't even touch her finger foods and is waking up at least twice a night!!

Apart from and toasted pitta bread (or bread sticks and rice cakes) she won't consume anything accept breast milk - exhausting! She is also standing and taking first steps so needs lots of energy and protein to build those muscles!!

Help!!! What can I offer/make her to eat?

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