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Low fat veggie stew recipe wanted :)

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Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 18:26:32

Hi all.

I am on a WW diet so all suggestions must be low fat (ish) please!

I am cooking a beef stew for DH, DD and my parents tomorrow - a JO recipe. Just serving it with crusty bread and red wine

But I don't eat meat.

So, does anyone have a yummy, low fat veggie stew recipe I could try?



oops Sat 08-Jan-05 18:32:32

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 18:39:10

I don't have time for the soaking though I won't be doing the supermarket shop until after thew gym tomorrow, and will be eating tomorrow afternoon.

TBH, not keen on nuts or nutty in food either, sorry. Sure it's great though!

oops Sat 08-Jan-05 18:44:24

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sat 08-Jan-05 19:13:12

For New Year's Eve I made the Potato and Vegetable Hotpot Cake from Gary Rhodes Fabulous Food which proved pretty tasty. You fry onion and let cool while you prepare other veg. Put slices of potato in bottom of greased dish, scatter a 1/3rd of the onion over then layer parsnip quarters, more onions, sliced swede, sliced turnip,and remaining onions with another layer of potato to top. You can paint each layer with melted butter (the fatty version !) and season with salt and pepper. Pour over a good vegetable stock.

Bring to simmer and put in oven at 220 o c for 30mins by which time the top is coloured. Cover dish with lid or foil and cook for 50mins more, pressing the top down from time to time to form a "cake ".

We had to substitute some of the veg (used celeriac instead of swede) as not all available here and also put grated cheese on the top so not that low in fat !

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