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Mashed potato - how to make it easily?

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sweetkitty Fri 07-Jan-05 17:19:39

We all love mashed potato but the mashing it is a real pain, breaks your arm doing it and they are still lumpy?

Any brilliant suggestions?

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:20:49

Potato Ricer

All you need

Twiglett Fri 07-Jan-05 17:21:21

boil your potatoes for longer

use old floury potatoes

jangly Fri 07-Jan-05 17:23:02

Or, make sure you add enough milk and butter/Flora. Makes it easier.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:23:13

I have one of these I am Queen of Lakeland not Coddy

Makes fantastic mash but would be a pain to wash without a dishwasher.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:24:03

Beat me to it, Georgina! It's busy on here today, isn't it?!

TheDragon Fri 07-Jan-05 17:24:13

Definitely a potato ricer. For small amounts you can microwave a jacket potato, cut it in half, ut it cut side down in the ricer ans squeeeeeeeeeeeeze. No need to peel. Add milk and butter and fluff with a fork if you want.

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:25:39

BWAHAHAHA.... I claim the Lakeland crown....

nyahnyahnyah! ;)

Blossomhill Fri 07-Jan-05 17:27:31

I mash mine and then add loads of butter, sometimes creme friache, milk and whisk it all. It is so lovely and creamy. Yum! I really fancy some now!

sweetkitty Fri 07-Jan-05 17:29:35

so can I get a potato ricer from Lakeland then theres one in Bluewater

wow fast replies

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:31:32

Incidentally, for easy ricer washing, the second you've finished with it rinse all parts under the tap. Dried on potato is a pig to get off, but if it's all rinsed away cleaning is easy peasy.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:31:57

Now that's really childish, georgina. And I bet you haven't got one of these Can't have the Lakeland Crown without one.

sweetkitty Fri 07-Jan-05 17:32:57

Am definately getting one of these now.

thanks - I love mumsnet!

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:32:57

COW! Bloody fooled... and I was all smug earlier for not clicking on soupy's one.

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:33:30

was calling marthamoo a cow not you sweetkitty, btw

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:34:05

Do you know how long it took me to find that link ?

Well chuffed - first time I've used it!

sweetkitty Fri 07-Jan-05 17:34:08

so you just throw the potatoes in it then add milk and butter (sorry to keep asking these things)

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:35:09

Yes you can, sweetkitty and you'll never look back - your mash will be smooth as a baby's bottom (mmmmmmm.....not sure that's a goood analogy).

Hulababy Fri 07-Jan-05 17:36:17

I got a potato ricer after a recommendation on MN, and it is the best! Use it every time for mash, and when on diets I don't even have o use milk or butter to get nice non-lumpy potatoes I love not having to peel potatoes any more too

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:36:50

Nigella says you don't need to peel the potatoes (and you don't, the ricer sorts out the skin) but personally I still peel mine as I get sick of fishing the bits of skin out of the ricer in order to mash more potatoes.

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:37:15

I throw the potatos in the ricer, then add the milk and butter after they've been pushed through the ricer (just for taste really).

Also great for making cheesy baked potatoes... bake potatoes as normal, cut them open and scoop out insides. Shove them through the ricer then mix the result with a HUGE mound of grated cheese. Somehow squash the resulting mixture back into the potato shells and cook under the grill until you've got browned potato mixture escaping all over the place.... GORGEOUS! Can also add spring onions in with the mix...

Hulababy Fri 07-Jan-05 17:37:38

Oh, and I got my in John Lewis - as I wanted it straight away once suggested

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 17:38:13

marthamoo... got my eye on you... troublemaker ;)

oatcake Fri 07-Jan-05 17:38:34


Hulababy Fri 07-Jan-05 17:38:38

Georgina - we do that too - yummy, especially if the cheese crisps slightly

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