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URGENT!!! Scrambled egg advice needed....

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Blossomhill Fri 07-Jan-05 16:08:05

Am in an extremely lazy mood (as always) and have decided to do the kids scrambled egg on toast for tea.
The only thing that puts me off is that it takes so long to clean the pan after as it always sticks. Any advice to avoid that happening gratefully received
I don't hav4e a microwave or a dishwasher!!!

TheDragon Fri 07-Jan-05 16:09:10

Just give them the toast.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:09:14

Throw the pan away afterwards?

You need a microwave...

beansprout Fri 07-Jan-05 16:09:24

I only use a non-stick pan, then it peels off. Otherwise - yeuch, don't even go there!

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:10:14

Might do my kids scrambled egg on toast for tea. I have a microwave and a dishwasher.

<<<na nah na nah nah>>>

Wanna come for tea?

BubblesDeVere Fri 07-Jan-05 16:11:22

Ooooooooooooh rub it in why don't you Marthamoo

Gomez Fri 07-Jan-05 16:11:55

It is not nice when done in the micro thou'!

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:12:26

Yeah, but who cares, it's only for the kids..

Blossomhill Fri 07-Jan-05 16:13:39

I don't havce a microwave because I don't like them. The dishwasher is mainly because I don't have space but am working on making some.
What time shall I come round then Marthamoo ???

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:14:31

I'm doing the kids' tea around 5.30.

lou33 Fri 07-Jan-05 16:17:40

soak the pan for a while after then it will come off.

really fancy scrambled eggs now but we have none in!

p.s we have a microwave, and a brand new dishwasher as of yesterday. When we got home from thailand we found our old washer had seized up. Omg i had forgotten how awful washing up is. Took me three sinks just for one feeding frenzy, and i didn't even finish. I left it all lying about and demanded dh took me to get a new one immediately and fit it in. I could have kissed the washer when it swallowed all the leftover stuff up.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:22:58

I couldn't be without my dishwasher now - have had it 18 months and I love it. It has improved the quality of my life enormously. And what does that say about the quality of my life, eh?

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 16:23:46

They should make paper pans like paper plates.

But I guess they'd catch fire.

Carla Fri 07-Jan-05 16:26:20

God couldn't do without either. How 'bout that Fairy spray on stuff? Sure it mentions scrambled eggs. Will go and check when dd's have stopped fighting ...

Snugs Fri 07-Jan-05 16:59:36

The secret is to melt a tiny blob of butter in the pan first, and swirl it around the sides as high as you can (so no egg gets to touch un-buttered area).
Then as soon as you have finished serving the eggs, fill the pan with very hot water and a drop of washing up liquid.
Leave for at least ten minutes and it should be easy to clean (has never failed for me).

duster Fri 07-Jan-05 17:15:33

I do the same as snugs - but when I've gently hurled the egg at the plate, I wipe off as much egg from the pan as I can, using a kitchen towel,as soon as the pan is cool enough.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 17:16:25

Suppose I should really go and start the kids' tea...

sweetkitty Fri 07-Jan-05 17:18:17

yea another one for using butter loads of really yummy

soak the pan in water straight away as well

I couldn't live without my dishwasher now as well.

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