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Any Nutritionist/HV's out there

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pixiefish Thu 06-Jan-05 10:52:12

Hi, hope someone can help me.
Am worried about my dd.

She's 11 months old and on a dairy free diet because of eczema.

Because of this she has no yoghurt, cheeses etc.

As I can't give her the above I am stil bfing her during the day. I feel that water has no nutritional value so when she wants a drink I give her milk (she does have some water as well)

She has her 'solid' food, breakfast, lunch and tea where she eats the equivalent of a jar of food (between the meal and the pudding). She doesn't have her milk till after her meal although she does still have milk during the night.

Just wondering really when should she stop having milk during the day- considering that she has no other milk or milk products.

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