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Smoothie makers

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Bunni Thu 06-Jan-05 00:13:42

Hello do you really need a smoothie maker to make decent smoothies???? I just thought that if i did make a smoothie with different fruits in my little one would at least get some vits and mins as she is a really fussy eater....any advice would be appreciated....thanx

happynewessbee Thu 06-Jan-05 00:16:21

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Thu 06-Jan-05 00:18:05

You can get blenders with inbuilt seives, I think philips is the brand, they are only 25 quid

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 10:44:34

Just get a blender. Works absolutely fine.

Bunni Thu 06-Jan-05 14:31:02

So does anyone know any good things that go together well then??? and they taste nice

jangly Thu 06-Jan-05 14:40:34

I made a smoothie yesterday in my liquidiser (same as a blender?). It worked really well. Just seedless grapes, a banana and some orange juice. Not sure if it would cope with harder fruit like apples though. Probably get small chunks in it.

Corbin Sat 08-Jan-05 14:30:28

My absolute favorite smoothie is like this:

1 banana
a good handful frozen strawberries (or whatever berries, just have to be frozen)
1 small carton plain yogurt
a good healthy glug of orange juice

Oh I love this one so much!

Corbin Sat 08-Jan-05 14:31:34

I forgot to say, when you use frozen berries and/or frozen yogurt it ends up all creamy like a milkshake. Delish!

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