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Flax oil

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Bunni Wed 05-Jan-05 23:57:43

Just wondered who used this? Good for omega-3 I was reading the bottle today in sains and it said take 1 to 2 teaspoons a day like add it in yogurt or something. What I was wondering is can you have too much omega-3???? and what would happen if you did?

juniperdewdrop Thu 06-Jan-05 00:13:35

flax seed oil

No doubt you've already done a google but found this.

kinderbob Thu 06-Jan-05 00:24:24

We use for eczema and mix with pureed apricot. Keep in fridge, use up in 3 months and don't add to warm food.

We are unlikely to get too much omega 3 as ds cannot have eggs or fish, so sorry I don't know.

Also ds has never been constipated - I think it's a good lubricant.

Bunni Fri 07-Jan-05 00:08:31

thanx people

Harrysmom Thu 13-Jan-05 14:07:07

I put a blob of organic flaxseed oil in 6 month old DS's purees until he can eat fish etc...hes healthy and bouncing!! dont think a little can do any harm.

muminaspin Thu 13-Jan-05 15:32:30

I was advised by a nutritionist that you could add flaxseed oil to warmed food, (but not to cook with it, ie. add after cooking, just before serving)?? Confused now

Harrysmom Thu 13-Jan-05 21:59:31

I heard the same...always use cold, add after e v olive oil too.

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