making fairy cakes - what temp for fan assisted oven please????

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mads1 Tue 08-Apr-08 11:11:12

Have looked for fool proof recipes to make fairy cakes but now need to know what temp to set fan assisted oven! Never baked cakes in new oven!! Using the 8oz flour, sugar, marg and 4 eggs recipe to make roughly 30 cakes.

ScienceTeacher Tue 08-Apr-08 11:11:38


mads1 Tue 08-Apr-08 11:13:33

For how long please!! 15 mins??

fleximum Tue 08-Apr-08 11:14:27

Usual guidance is to drop oven temp by 10% from ordinary oven temp, so I usually end up cooking fairy cakes at around 160 degrees. It does really depend on your oven and the receipe though. For Nigella receipes I drop by 20 degrees and reduce time by at least 5 mins whereas good food recipes never cook in the time they give for a fan oven, usually needing at least 5 mins linger.

ScienceTeacher Tue 08-Apr-08 11:14:27

15 minutes should be fine - they are little.

mads1 Tue 08-Apr-08 11:16:57

many thanks!! Like the guide line of 10%. That will be handy to know!!

stirlingmum Tue 08-Apr-08 13:43:31

I always take 20 deg off normal temp. So if recipe says 180, I bake at 160. I also reduce time by a few mins and check because they can cook quicker.
Always works for me.
Good Luck.

ScienceTeacher Tue 08-Apr-08 13:44:18

These fairy cakes must be ready by now!

mads1 Wed 09-Apr-08 09:36:55

Sorry, Making them today!!!
Will let you know!!

mads1 Wed 09-Apr-08 10:39:49

Fantastic!! If I do say so myself!! wink

Put them in for 15 mins. Then checked and gave 2 more mins!

This baking melachy is easy!!! Couldn't have done without you guys though!! Wish I could post some to you!!!! xx

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