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Champagne Breakfast ideas...........

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Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 12:10:44

DP is 40 on saturday and would like to do a champagne breakfast. Something cheap and simple!!!
If you're around MarsLady your Salmon and egg sounds good but I can't remember how you said you did it!! We were going to do it on xmas day but ended up with a full english lol

TheDragon Sun 02-Jan-05 13:13:55

Champagne and a bowl of cornflakes?

FeastofStevenmom Sun 02-Jan-05 13:14:48

champagne and strawberries?

cava/bucks fizz rather than champagne?

LadyPenelope Sun 02-Jan-05 13:27:22

Bowl of intersting fruit ... (whatever looks good in supermarket) with yummy yoghurt and honey
Croisants warmed in oven with butter and his fave jam
Chocolate muffins (or other fave muffins) which you could buy in supermarket or bakery or danish pastries, donughts etc
perfectly cooked boiled egg with soldiers
pancakes with bacon and maple syrup...

ladymuck Sun 02-Jan-05 20:06:55

Has to be Eggs Benedict in this household (for DH to view it as a treat that is!) I'm just happy with the champagne!

Frizbe Sun 02-Jan-05 20:10:11

salmon n eggs, scrambled eggs, with smoked salmon shreaded, soaked in lemon juice and dropped into eggs for last minute cooking..yummy!
Bucks Fizz to accompany!

mistletoe Sun 02-Jan-05 20:12:43

I actually adore poached egg, served on a lightly toated English Muffin.

But I like scrambled egg and smoked salmon as well.

scaltygirl Sun 02-Jan-05 20:13:19

Message withdrawn

mistletoe Sun 02-Jan-05 20:13:28

thats "lightly toasted" actually

MarsLady Sun 02-Jan-05 20:17:36

\link {\here you go Zephyr}

MarsLady Sun 02-Jan-05 20:18:28

try again

here you go Zephyr

MarsLady Sun 02-Jan-05 20:20:39

I don't tend to do it with Brioche (that wasn't in the original recipe). However, the brioche sounds lovely.

We had a lovely Christmas breakfast.


Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 22:41:43

Thanks everyone I'm dying to open that link but dp is in full view of the pc!!

MarsLady Sun 02-Jan-05 22:47:42

4 large eggs
4oz smoked salmon
4 tbsp milk
2oz butter

chop salmon small, put in mug with milk. Stir well so all fish gets a good coat. Leave to soak about 20mins. Melt half butter, heavy bottomed pan. Beat eggs, season well. When butter foaming pour in eggs. Stir constantly with wooden spoon. When eggs have just begun to solidify, but there is still a fair amount of liquid, add the smoked salmon plus any milk not absorbed. Keep stirring continuously. When all the liquid almost gone remove pan from the heat. Add the rest of butter and continue stirring. Serve straight away.

I think the link uses double cream as well. I certainly did and lots of extra butter. Not for the weight conscious.

Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 22:52:12

yum yum yum yum yum lol

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