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Where to buy wine online? Any food ideas for 32 people?

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WideWebWitch Sun 08-Dec-02 16:48:43

I have 17 adults and 15 children coming for one day and night in between Christmas and New Year. (I know, what was I thinking? But it will be fun I think) The children are between 3 - 16 although most are under 10. My sister has very kindly offered to donate £150 to pay for the booze. So my questions are:

* Any bright ideas about where to buy large quantities of wine, beer etc online? Not too expensive (i.e the average bottle price seemed high to me - most were £9 ish)I need it delivered really as not much time.
* Any ideas about food for everyone? I'm thinking of following my own advice as given here to others along the lines of french bread, salads, whole chickens, pretzels, cheese etc but any other ideas welcome.


arizona Sun 08-Dec-02 16:59:11

Hi www!
I think the cold buffet is definitely the best option, potato salad, ham, cold salmon etc. Yummy! Can you get people to contribute by bringing a salad or whatever? Have just been shopping at Morrisons and they"ve got lots of really nice wines on offer, £9 seems a lot. I always go for the wine thats reduced from £3.99 to £2.99 and very rarely pay more than £4! Have fun.

SoupDragon Sun 08-Dec-02 17:07:14 have a wine section and their stores also deliver wine etc.

Definitely go for a buffet!!

Tinker Sun 08-Dec-02 17:20:29

www - Saturday Kitchen yesterday showed a repeat of Delia's Christmas stuff (I presume). But there were loads of ideas for canapes etc. If you can get hold of that book there should be stuff like that. Also, just do huge pots if chilli, beef in stout etc. She did lots of baked potatoes with Hollandais sauce on top but used small potatoes since the large ones are too unweildly. Looks more as well.

Tinker Sun 08-Dec-02 17:21:15

Forgot to say that there is a Saturday Kitchen page on the BBC site.

hmb Sun 08-Dec-02 17:22:51

And IIRC Tescos do a free glass deal? And go for the 3 for 2 offers. Get more booze and soft drinks than you think you need, the more people you have, the more they will drink. Get lots of nice cheese and pate and bread for people to bulk out on, and then splurge on a few more expensive bits. Bring these out second to stop people from hogging them!

emsiewill Sun 08-Dec-02 17:26:33

www, I've just bought a mixed case of wine from Majestic online - 12 bottles for just under £40 and free delivery - they even called to arrange a convenient time (and then turned up! ). Also bought a 6 bottle case of Stowells wine from Tesco for £19.99 (well, I bought 3 cases, actually! ). They also give you a choice of delivery slots - v. similar to their grocery delivery. Their delivery charge is £5.

Tinker Sun 08-Dec-02 17:35:27

Here, I've found it on here Delia

WideWebWitch Sun 08-Dec-02 18:44:30

Thank you everyone, cor, Delia looks a bit sinister in the photo on the site doesn't she?! Sadly, we are too in the sticks for Tesco or any of the big retailers - they won't deliver. But Majestic sounds like a good idea. Thank you!

janh Sun 08-Dec-02 20:10:46

www, you can order from majestic or virgin via and then the charities get 3% or 2.5% respectively of what you spend - doesn't cost you any more! (They have special offers too.)

Re food, pizza and sausages are good, even cold. Also tapas-type-things (for the grownups anyway.) It still sounds like a great do - what did you decide about your basement in the end?

WideWebWitch Sun 08-Dec-02 20:19:42

janh, as I suspected would be the case, the basement is not yet ready. Understatement We did clear out loads of stuff and take it to the dump but dp has only painted half of it so it's still a long way off being child heaven! Don't *quite* know when we think we're going to get the time to finish it!

WideWebWitch Sun 08-Dec-02 20:20:24

and will do it via that site, ditto all other online shopping I still have left to do.

janh Sun 08-Dec-02 20:37:33

Oh, goodie, hope the ordering is OK!

Re the basement, if the walls are crap try draping them in sheets, borrow if you don't have enough, it hides a multitude and looks OK too! Anyway I'm sure kids and adults will all have a great time.

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