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food reappearing whole in nappy

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TracyK Fri 31-Dec-04 19:44:02

does my ds get any nutrition from the items that end up coming right through whole into his nappy - eg - peas, raisins, carots, corn. Is there any point to him eating them?

SeaShells Fri 31-Dec-04 19:45:35

Haven't a clue sorry, I thought the exact same thing regarding sweetcorn recently!

JanH Fri 31-Dec-04 19:48:14

No nutritional value probably, but it gets him used to eating lots of different things, so it is worthwhile.

I believe sweetcorn passes straight through adults too !

wheresmypressies Fri 31-Dec-04 19:49:35

Raisins come out whole in our dd's nappies but we keep on feeding thenm to her cos they keep her quiet!

One good reason to keep giong is that these will be good foods when ds gets older so to keep him used to them and happy eating them cant harm him

SPARKLER1 Fri 31-Dec-04 20:43:01

WMP - I didn't read that very well - it sounded like you feed her the whole raisins that come out in her nappy. or maybe I have had too much new year pop!!

wheresmyfroggy Fri 31-Dec-04 20:49:08

pmsl sparkler, have just read my post and can see where the confusion may be coming from

<fabulous money saving idea springs to mind>

SeaShells Fri 31-Dec-04 20:51:26

Chocolate covered raisins yummy they are my favourite!

bluemoon Fri 31-Dec-04 21:37:38

Dd's 2.2 and loves baby corn. The chunks come right on out again exactly the size she swallowed them ... Same with kidney beans, raisins etc.

kinderbobsleigh Fri 31-Dec-04 22:28:52

My ds eats dried apricots whole. One big swallow, no biting. Obviously we chop them up now, but they seem to mysteriously reform.

BethAndHerBrood Mon 03-Jan-05 22:49:51

My mil told me that when dh was tiny she gave him some pink angel delight type thing (!) and it came out the other end still pink and exactly the same! How could that happen?!

Twiglett Mon 03-Jan-05 22:59:28

don't raisins sometimes rehydrate inside and come out more like grapes

lockets Mon 03-Jan-05 23:03:09

Message withdrawn

clary Tue 04-Jan-05 09:08:58

ds2 (20 mo) is mad on olives, my childminder asked me once after a session at pizza express where he pinched everyones what he had been eating...
Once she found a button in his nappy and yesterday I found part of a wrapper for some sweeties he wouldn't let anyoen unwrap properly!
lol at raisins recycling idea where's my froggy. Whose child poohed one out in the bath and picked it up to eat again??

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