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Cooking sausages in the oven

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Posey Thu 30-Dec-04 20:55:04

Got a lot of sausages to cook tomorrow and I really don't want to stand over a grill to do them.
Anyone know how long and what gas mark I can do them in the oven please.

popsycal Thu 30-Dec-04 20:55:44

much more yummy in the oven
i am guessing but about 25 mins at around 180 degrees? not sure what gas mark that is (5? 6?)

Blossomhill Thu 30-Dec-04 20:58:12

I would say go with what popsycal has said and just keep an eye on them. I hate frying sausages so always do mine in the oven!

Tommy Thu 30-Dec-04 20:58:55

I always do sausages in the oven. Ours are veggie but I doubt it it makes any difference. 20 mins on 200 degrees I do but I don't know what that is in gas - sorry

winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 20:59:24

Yes - popsycal is right. Just shake them 3/4 times.

popsycal Thu 30-Dec-04 21:00:24

and you dont have to clean the manky grill pan afterwards.....

fairyfly Thu 30-Dec-04 21:02:39

I stick half a bottle of white wine in too, stops them sticking, oh and an onion, all evaporates

Tickle Thu 30-Dec-04 21:05:17

like ff's suggestion [hungry emoticon]

Drizzling honey over them is also yummy - especially chipolata or cocktail sausos...

morningpaper Thu 30-Dec-04 21:09:01

I rub olive oil over my hands and grease them up first.

Looks a bit pornographic but keeps 'em nice and moise. drool

fairyfly Thu 30-Dec-04 21:11:01

or you could make toad int thole

Posey Thu 30-Dec-04 21:24:56

Thanks a lot folks. Have got the inlaws (MIL, FIL,SIL,BIL) coming over tomorrow night and got some yummy posh sausages which I'm going to do with mash and Nigella's onion gravy.
180 is gas 4, 200 is gas 6 so reckon I'll do 5!
Looking forward to it.

Juliehafrancis Thu 30-Dec-04 21:28:25

Ooo yes my top tip for sausages in the oven is to brush them with oil first them come out luvverly!

Juliehafrancis Thu 30-Dec-04 21:31:33

Has anyone tried Nigel Slater's sausage and mash recipe? It is just the best. DP cooked it for me for one of our first meals together ;)

tigermoth Fri 31-Dec-04 08:17:23

add a large dollop of honey and mustard to them, whatever you do!

WigWamBam Fri 31-Dec-04 11:33:50

Dh likes his done in the oven, with a lump of Stilton crumbled over the top for the last 10 minutes of the cooking time.

Gobbledigook Fri 31-Dec-04 12:51:24

FF - like the wine and onion idea! I'll try that one!

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