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audrey68 Fri 06-Dec-02 08:13:03

Hi all wonder if anyone can help - its 8am and I've just tried to give my daughter breakfast - now normally she eats for scotland (has done from the beginning) but about 2 days ago she has started blowing all the food out her mouth - every spoonful near enough - its all her favourite stuff as well I havent tried anything new or weird - she hardly ate anything yesterday - she seems to find it highly amusing - i tried saying no in a sharp voice, tried ignorning her etc - she gets all excited when she sees the food coming, opens her mouth like a wee bird but as soon as food is in she blows it all back out, if I take the food bowl away she has a hairy screaming fit - ANY IDEAS???!!!!

Crunchie Fri 06-Dec-02 09:38:20

She's playing a game, and having fun. Just ignore it, or give her finger food, like toast soldiers she can suck on, or a spoon she can play with. By 8 months my dd ate her breakfast herself (often because I was busy with my other dd) I filled her high chair tray with Cherrios, toast, bradsticks etc, and left her to it. But this is a totally independant child who wouldn't let me feed her at all by 10 months (most children are not like this! so don't think I'm boasting)

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