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Enough milk? Desperate for advice/ideas

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kdk Tue 28-Dec-04 19:36:21

Hi all

I'm worried that my nearly 26 week old b/g twins aren't getting enough milk - I'm breastfeeding in the morning about 7.30ish, then giving them about 3/4 oz at 11 followed by 6 or 7 cubes of veg/fruit puree mixed with a little rice - they seem to enjoy it and my daughter sometimes takes more milk afterwards and they then nap for a couple of hours (on a good day!) but at 2.30ish they usually only take about 3 or 4 oz.

At 5 they get a couple of cubes of fruit puree mixed with a little rice and water - they both get very tired and it is then a real effort to get them to take 7 or 8 oz at 6.30 - often it takes an hour to get Hannah to take her feed along with a lot of overtired screaming.

Has anyone got any ideas of what might be going wrong or what I should be doing? I'm stopping breastfeeding next week so will be giving a bottle - how much? and should I give breakfast as well as they don't currently last much beyond 11am before they are screaming hungry?

Any ideas/suggestions really welcome - at the moment they are both getting over colds which might explain the tiredness I suppose. According to Gina Ford and others they should be taking more milk I think and I'm concerned they aren't taking enough - should I cut back on the solids, introduce dairy products???

Thanks for any of your ideas/advice


Kerem and Hannah born 02/07/04 at 38.5. Him 6lb 9, her 7lb 12

Donbean Tue 28-Dec-04 19:43:41

Ok,Several questions & suggestions:
1) do you give them yoghurts or fromage frais?
2) do you give them addittional fluids eg water?
As you cant measure how much you are giving them via the breast it is unlikely that you can accurately gauge volume. I think that the experts recommend aprox 1pint a day. This can include other dairy products,
Do you give them breky cerial (baby porridge) if yes do you mix milk or water with it?
My tip is to mix milk with every thing then one way or another they are getting the quota.
Bit garbled sorry but you have got your work cut out for you so the best of luck and im sure that there will be loads of people who can help you.x

nailpolish Tue 28-Dec-04 20:27:07

hi kdk

your babies were really good weights when they were born, werent they! good for you

i think as long as they are getting about a pint of milk a day that is enough (21 ozs). but if you cant manage to get them to drink that it can include yoghurts, porridge etc made with milk.

i followed gina ford portion sizes and had at least one dairy product (usually a petit filou) every day.

the key is whether they are putting on weight, get them weighed and that will be their guage. lots of luck, it sounds to me like you are doing a great job, so dont worry too much.

kbaby Wed 29-Dec-04 12:25:33

Hi Dont know if this helps. my dd 7 months eats this;
Brekkie- 2tbsp porridge made with milk. 6 ozs milk
lunch - 4 cubes protein food ie chicken and persnip, pork and apple. then 3 cubes fruit
Snack - 7ozs milk
Dinner - 4 cubes carbo's ie tuna pasta and a yougurt
bed time 6 ozs milk.

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