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What to do with shortcrust pastry and berry fruits!!!!

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Christmassbee Mon 27-Dec-04 19:25:09

Message withdrawn

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 19:27:22

That sounds lovely, you could stick some jam in for textere and serve with elmlea!

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 19:27:39


DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Mon 27-Dec-04 19:27:40

Hi essbee . I don't see why not, just add a bit of sugar to the fruit but I wouldn't bother with any liquid. Tell us how it tastes.

Christmassbee Mon 27-Dec-04 19:30:07

Message withdrawn

sallyhollyberry Mon 27-Dec-04 19:33:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christmassbee Mon 27-Dec-04 19:39:18

Message withdrawn

Christmassbee Mon 27-Dec-04 23:01:57

Message withdrawn

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