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Couple of xmas dinner questions!

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FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 24-Dec-04 10:27:06

Hi, just wondering how long I should leave the turkey out of the fridge for? I was hoping I could get it out late tonight so I could have some room in my fridge for the veg I plan to chop up tonight? Worried that would be too long, don't want to make everyone ill!

Also I have a ham that I plan to boil later, but I don't know how long to boil it for, does anyone have any ideas how long per pound/kilogram! Thank you and merry xmas.

FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 24-Dec-04 10:28:05

Oops, sorry I seem to be repeating myself!

SnowmAngeliz Fri 24-Dec-04 10:28:47

How about getting it out late tonight and wrapping and leaving it in back yard/garden??

(Might get shot down in flames about that but just a though as i'm sure it'll be the same temperature as fridge!!!)

Happy Christmas+

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