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Just made fresh cranberry sauce!

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Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 16:30:09

Message withdrawn

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 16:31:22

I think you know my address Yorkie. Just send it by courier

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 16:32:46

Message withdrawn

mishiclaus Thu 23-Dec-04 16:34:06

coolim afraid i bought jarred this just making choc chip xmas tree cookies with ds who is an experience to say the

GeorginaAdventCalendar Thu 23-Dec-04 16:34:11

YORKIE! Have I mentioned we've invited ourselves round to yours for Christmas?

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 16:35:27

Message withdrawn

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 16:36:41

If you've only a 12lb turkey, what are the rest of you going to eat once I've smothered my portion with freshly made cranberry sauce [very greedy MarsLady icon]

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 16:39:59

Message withdrawn

mishiclaus Thu 23-Dec-04 16:42:31

ooo it sounds sooo

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 16:46:00

<Marslady picks up keys, kisses family, sets off once again to Yorkie's house>

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 18:35:25

Message withdrawn

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 18:37:19

Way past Watford. Never mind the traffic, I can smell the cranberry sauce. Nothing's going to come between us (Well apart from the gorgeous Clive Owen, may pull over for him... Yum!)

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 18:39:16

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Thu 23-Dec-04 19:16:19

I made my homemade Orange and Cranberry sauce today too - smells divine!

5.6kg (not sure what that is in lb's doesn't say on the packing LOL) Turkey is already defrosting and tomorrow I'll prepare the veggies :-)

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 19:21:37

Now stop it! I'm already committed to getting to Yorkie's tonight (despite her lack of understanding about the delicious Clive) and now you are tempting me with your own version of cranberry sauce. What's a girl to do?????????????

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