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6mth old refusing solids but milk isn't enough for him!

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madgirl Thu 23-Dec-04 15:25:25

My ds2 is 6 months in a week. A couple of weeks back he began waking again in the night (previously vv gd sleeper - yes I know i am v lucky) and seemed not to be sated with his milk, so I started to wean. 2-3 weeks on he is still disenchanted and seems not to want any of it. Have tried before, during, after feeds and at different times of day. Have also tried baby rice, pear, carrot. Should I leave it for a few weeks, and try again (thus potentially creating a bad sleep habit) or should I try sth else; does anyone have any good ideas? thanks

LIZS Thu 23-Dec-04 15:44:54

Is he sleeping through again now ? If so, tbh I'm sceptical that such a small amount of solids would make very much difference sleep wise so think it's unlikely you would create a problem again. However it might be worth persisting with one particular solid meal, say breakfast or late morning snack, but at least an hour after a milk feed then building that up before introducing a second meal.

hercyulelog Thu 23-Dec-04 15:46:35

I'd leave it for a couple of weeks. Dd wasnt interested at 6 months either and i cant see how the solids will affect slep.

madgirl Thu 23-Dec-04 15:50:53

no he's not sleeping through again now. he is waking up hungry at 3/4 and after milk goes back to sleep until morning. i tried to give him more milk during the day, but he's got a little tummy and can only take max, max 6-7 ozs a go. that's why i thought he should start on solids....

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