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Evaporated milk, what can i use it for?

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JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 12:55:27

found 4 tins shock in cupboard what can i make with it please....thankyou for your help.

mummy115 Thu 20-Mar-08 13:52:53

use as a pouring cream!!

jangly Thu 20-Mar-08 13:55:29

If you havedaughters let them have a dollys' tea party, using the evap milk as tea and then drinking it. I used to do that when I was a kid. smile

CountessDracula Thu 20-Mar-08 13:56:07

make fudge

I have a fab recipe at home will try and remember to post it

other here though american and most sound vomit-inducing

theyoungvisiter Thu 20-Mar-08 13:56:14

don't you make banoffee pie with it? Or is that condensed milk? I never know the difference.

MadameCh0let Thu 20-Mar-08 13:57:05

Funny you should mention that, I've just looked up recipe for chocolate biscuit cake and it has in it condensed milk. Presume same thing.

anorak Thu 20-Mar-08 13:57:06

I like a dash of it in hot chocolate.

Or you can chill it, shake well and whip it up, whisk into unset jelly made up with half the amount of water and it makes a whippy stuff that children like.

Make chocolate fondue with it.

anorak Thu 20-Mar-08 13:58:03

Condensed and evaporated milk are not the same thing. Use condensed for banoffee pie.

ladette Thu 20-Mar-08 14:02:44

Use it to make custard - it's fab and creamy. I usually use 2/3 evaporated milk and 1/3 water (assuming it is evaporated milk and not sweetened condensed milk)

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:07:18

OOh thanks everybody will look at all them recipes countess Dracula..would love your fudge recipe if you find it..think I fancy is an indulgent time of year afterall!!!

Jangly, I have daughters but bit too old for a tea party (8 & 11), but thankyou for the suggestion, think my son (2) would like that though!!!!

Anorak if I wisk it into jelly do I make the jelly up as mormal with 1 pint of water then add the wisked evaporated milk into it? or do I use less water. Is this like a blamonge (Sp)..that we used to get at school???..ooh fond memories of that and always wondered how y ou made it..hope this is how [Grin] Also if it is good in fodue i am assuming a chocolate fountain would be another way of using it...

Thankyou everybody for taking the time to answer me, much much appreciated as will my family....grin

theyoungvisiter Thu 20-Mar-08 14:07:49

oh my lord - just looked it up on the internet and according to wiki:

"1 cup of condensed milk is roughly equivalent to 1 cup of evaporated milk plus 1 1/2 cups sugar dissolved"


no wonder banoffee pie is so sweet!

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:08:16

Thanks ladette...need custard for Easter Sunday lunch...well that is great thanks.

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:10:36

The youngvisiter thanks for that....but does that mean I could use evaporated milk and the sugar in recipes that call for condensed milk, would be greatful if anybody could shed some light on this cause at the start I thought they whehre the same but you great MN mums has told me different...

MrsBadger Thu 20-Mar-08 14:12:26

or make jelly mousse -
chill the evap overnight then whip till doubled in volume. Dissolve a packet of jelly in half the recommended amount of hot water, leave till cool but not set,
whip into milk, pour into serving bowl, chill.

MrsBadger Thu 20-Mar-08 14:14:30

(realise this is what anorak meant - no it's not blancmange, that's milk set with cornflour)

theyoungvisiter Thu 20-Mar-08 14:16:06

well, with my new-found wikipedia knowledge, ahm [shuffles papers] according to wiki, evaporated milk is processed differently to condensed milk because it requires more preserving, whereas the sugar in condensed milk acts as a natural preservative.

So basically I don't know, but I think there's a strong chance it might not work the same.

feetheart Thu 20-Mar-08 14:18:14

Mmmmmmm - my Granny used to do the jelly/evap milk thing. It has always been called Pink Pudding in our family and is one of the tastes of my childhood smile

I have a great rice pudding recipe for the slowcooker that uses evap milk, would you like that?

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:19:00

Thanks mrs badger, does that mean (bit thick me) jsut a 1/4 pint of hot water to melt the jelly as usually 1/2 pint hot and 1/2 pint of cold water if my memory serves me right...thanks very much grin

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:23:11

Hi feet heart..think the pink pudding you gran made is my school dessert pudding ..all bubbly and we used to puch it between our teeth...hope it is that one yummy yummy. Have no slow cooker but thanks for the offer...about hte only gadget I dont own grin.

Think your right the youngvisiter probably be a waste of ingredients and my time..and have to make another sweet to satisy the kids that would be hanging off my apron strings!!!!

MrsBadger Thu 20-Mar-08 14:24:38

No, it means use just the half pint of hot water, don't add any cold.

You can do it with fruit too - tinned raspberries are good.
Pour the juice from the tin over the cubes of jelly and top up to 1/2 pint with hot water, cool, fold into whipped milk. Put fruit in serving dish, pour mousse over and chill.

KerryMum Thu 20-Mar-08 14:24:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yorky Thu 20-Mar-08 14:32:08

I love the idea of slow cooker rice pudding. Yes please. And definately make pumpkin pie, although I can't find anywhre that regularly sells tins of pumpkin

feetheart Thu 20-Mar-08 14:37:20

This serves 2 adults, 2 (small) children at least two nights running!
Even better served with cherry jam smile

Rice pudding

1.2l/2 pints milk
1 tin Evap milk
150g pudding rice
150g sugar
grating of nutmeg

Put it all in the slow-cooker and cook for 7-8 hours, stirring occasionally.

Tis VERY yummy!

procrastinatingparent Thu 20-Mar-08 14:46:03

Nigella has a recipe for chocolate sauce using evap milk in Nigella Express. There is a cheats macaroni cheese recipe in the same book which uses evap milk too - and it's quite nice, and much quicker than making a cheese sauce.

JSo Thu 20-Mar-08 14:47:58

Thanks for clarifying Mrs Badger..have a tin of strawberries and will buy a strawberry jelly... yum yum grin

Kerry mum forgot about that one and could have done that at Halloween cos we had soooooooo many pumpkins and i had no clue what to do with the blinkin flesh!!!!!.

Feetheart that sounds great do you think it could be adapted for the oven???.

thanks again everyone

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