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How do I make a filling for smoked salmon nibbles ???????

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pedilia Wed 22-Dec-04 20:48:18

I have some smoked salmon that i want to serve before Xmas lunch as nibbles ,where do I start ???

CountessDingDongDrac Wed 22-Dec-04 20:49:30

on mini blinis with sour cream?

pedilia Wed 22-Dec-04 20:53:23

thanks cddd, I am trawling the recipe books as we speak I know I saw a recipe for blinis somewhere...........

CountessDingDongDrac Wed 22-Dec-04 20:54:27

you can buy mini ones in waitrose! Stick a little dill on the top too, looks pretty.

Or you could make a cream cheese, lemon and black pepper filling and make little rolls.

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