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Christmas Lunch - any ideas for starters?

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Millie1 Wed 22-Dec-04 17:39:32

Want to do something which can be prepared in advance, is cold and is relatively quick and simple but am trying not to do (as we do one or the other every year) smoked salmon, prawn cocktail or melon.

Is there anything left?


DoesntChristmasDragOn Wed 22-Dec-04 17:42:25

smoked mackerel pate?

cab Wed 22-Dec-04 17:43:43

Thin slices of beef tomatoes dressed in basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with mozarella served on thin toast or crispbread type things?

Parma ham with this or the melon would be nice too.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Wed 22-Dec-04 17:47:05

I know you've said no melon etc but've got a great recipe for prosciutto with galia or canteloupe in a mint dressing, it's fab. I'll dig it out if you want it.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Wed 22-Dec-04 17:56:40

Off out in a minute so thought i'd put it on anyway

Serves 4:

50ml/2floz lemon juice
3large mint sprigs
salt & pepper
150/1/4pt of greek yoghurt
1 tsp snipped chives
frisee or other lettuce
2 cantaloupe melons
100g/4 oz parma ham.

put lemon juice into a bowl, add the mint and crush lightly with a fork. Leave for at least 10 mins then discard the mint. Add salt & pepper to taste then stir in yoghurt & chives.

arrange lettuce and use a melon baller. toss with the ham and arrange delicately over lettuce . Chill for 10 mins and then drizzle with the dressing.

You could use figs instead if preferred.

Kaysleighbells Wed 22-Dec-04 18:00:23

advocado and mozarella - or add tomato too and make tricoleur (sp?). Yummy with a good balsamic dressing.

FlashingRudolphNose Wed 22-Dec-04 18:04:25

You have a starter before Christmas dinner ? How do you find roooooom for it all??

dogwalkinginawinterwonderland Wed 22-Dec-04 18:16:51

How about sliced beef tomatoes with fresh ripped basil and a drizzle of olive oil. yummy.

dogwalkinginawinterwonderland Wed 22-Dec-04 18:17:56

You could also add feta cheese or mozzarella, but best to keep it light.

We always have a starter on Christmas day too. The starter comes at about 1, the dinner at about 3 and the pudding at about 5!

Millie1 Wed 22-Dec-04 21:29:04

Thanks ... love the sound of all of these but esp. the melon & mint.

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