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Only got half the method - suggestions please!

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turquey Tue 21-Dec-04 21:40:39

I'm a plonker - photocopied a recipe out of a library book and then took the book back to the library. Went and bought all the ingredients only to discover the method went on over the page, which of course I hadn't copied.
So here it is, suggestions please on how to finish? (I'm planning to use tinfoil rather than parchment). Won't bother with the ingredients, just the 1/2 of the method:

In a food processor, puree the jalapeno, marmalade , lime juice and salt. Spread on top of the salmon filets. Do not clean the processor.
Preheat the overn to 400F. Place one rack in the top 1/3 of the oven, one in the bottom 1/3.
In the processor, puree the tomato, cumin, and pepper. Pour into a medium bowl. STir in the broccoli, cauliflower, and corn.
Cut 4 sheets of cooking parchment into oveals 20 inches long and 12 to 14 ins wide. With the long sides at the top and bottom, fold each sheet in half, from left to right. Unfold the sheets. For each packet, place a salmon fillet about 1 1/2 ins to the right of the crease. Spoon one fourth of the veg around the top, bottom and right side of the salmon. Fold the left half of the parchment over the fish and veg. Seal the parchment by folding both layers towards ......

and that's it! Any ideas? What's worrying me is the top and bottom of the oven business, and what happens to the other 3/4 of the veg, and how long to cook it for. STuff all the origami with the parchment.

I expect no one will reply, and i'll just splat it all in together. But any suggestions would be most welcome.

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Dec-04 21:41:55

Message withdrawn

MarsselectionboxLady Tue 21-Dec-04 21:42:38

which book? whose recipe? what dish?

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Tue 21-Dec-04 21:42:55

if it's salmon in the oven then cook it for 20 - 30 mins I suppose

do you remember what the recipe book was? maybe someone has it

what was the recipe called

did it have a sauce .. is that what the rest of the veg are for?

turquey Tue 21-Dec-04 21:48:10

Sorry it's called "parchment baked salmon and vegetables". It's from an american book, can't remember the title. It wasn't a famous chef's book though. Told you I'm dim.
I think the veggies are the sauce, all pureed up.

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Dec-04 21:49:20

Message withdrawn

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