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11-mth-old sipping water all day -- do I need to keep giving him a clean cup?

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sleepdeprived Mon 20-Dec-04 13:37:17

He never drinks much and certainly never comes close to finishing the contents of his cup but it doesn't feel right to have the same cup on the go all day -- I tend to give him a fresh one after lunch (as it usually gets food all over it) then the 2nd one sees him through for the rest of the day, but if the lunchtime one stays clean I'm sometimes tempted just to let him keep drinking from it all day. What do you do?

FlashingRudolphNose Mon 20-Dec-04 14:08:51

I just have one cup on the go all day, refilled at mealtimes or as necessary. Having seen the kinds of things a crawling baby puts in their mouth, I wouldn't worry about it !

sleepdeprived Mon 20-Dec-04 14:11:57

You're right!

serenity Mon 20-Dec-04 14:48:38

One cup all day here too. Or at least that's the theory, it's more like one cup until DD finds somewhere really inaccessible to hide it, then clean cups until DD walks in the room three days later drinking from the original cup. At least its sealed.......

PrettyHannukahndles Mon 20-Dec-04 15:17:59

One cup all day, with a wipe after mealtimes as necessary. Unless we've been eating fish or garlic, in which case it's one cup for all meals and one other for everywhere else.

Even more disgusting, I use one cup all day for the milk, just sticking it in the fridge between times.

WideWebWitch Tue 21-Dec-04 15:08:22

1 cup all day for my 12 month old too.

Flumberrysauce Tue 21-Dec-04 15:20:39

I do similar, one cup on go all day.

Flumberrysauce Tue 21-Dec-04 15:21:44

Pretty Hanuka - i do same for milk. Just wash it out after evening milk ready for morning.

TracyK Tue 21-Dec-04 15:36:07

1 cup here too - just keep running the drinking bit under the tap every now and then to clean the dog hairs of it.

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