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Tesco on line - do they ever deliver it all?

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Butkin Tue 11-Mar-08 19:45:09

Not feeling well and couldn't face doing the weekly shop so, for the first time, ordered on line at Tesco.

When they arrived - half an hour after the latest time stated - they had a few changes.

Most notably they replaced Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese with Hot Mex and suprisingly they didn't have Original Hula Hoops multipacks - only assorted flavours.

Instead of 2 six packs of 2 litre Scottish water then brough 4 five litre packs.

They didn't have any free range chicken breasts and some other more obscure things.

Is this normal? Should I give them another try or do they often have things missing (which I'm pretty sure would be in their stores).

nickytwotimes Tue 11-Mar-08 19:47:41

pita, isn't it. There's a thread just now about ASda, someone's got some of your shoppiong, methinks!

nickytwotimes Tue 11-Mar-08 19:48:16


mustrunmore Tue 11-Mar-08 19:51:26

The worst Tesco delivery we ever had was 3 days before xmas, I was 7 monthsish pg, and there were THIRTY SIX items missing. Took over a week to get a refund, despite being told that night that we would receive the items next day; phoned next day, they said there was no way, and we shouldnt have been told that.

We usually have around 4 subs and 3 unavailables per order.

Yorkiegirl Tue 11-Mar-08 19:54:35

Message withdrawn

downbutnotout Tue 11-Mar-08 21:12:23

I have given up on tescos online - would rather traipse round store with shrieking dd in tow than put up with wrong/missing shopping.

Heated Tue 11-Mar-08 21:18:00

It can make a difference when you order; too early and for eg the bakery items not ready, too late and lots missing/sold out.

Learnt never order really close to major holidays like Xmas, but do a bulk shop about 4 days before and assume I'll do a mini one later.

Usually have 2-4 substitutions - you can put in a substitution request.

SoupDragon Tue 11-Mar-08 21:18:53

I had my whole order today. It's been far better since they shifted ours from the store to dedicated warehouse.

Psychomum5 Tue 11-Mar-08 21:30:35

I have found, thro a few years now of doing online tesco, that the earlier in the day the delivery, the less subs I get.


when I do get subs, they seem to have been chosen by someone without a brainhmm.

for instance, this month I have.....

ordered 2 x 4 pack of tuna on BOGOF offer. none of these left, so instead got give 2 tiny tins of the most expensive tuna and just ONE cost more than the offer would have for 8!!!!

ordered a 12pk of loo roll, none available, so got sent 2 loo rolls!!!! (we are a family of 7, so how the hell would just 2 loo rolls erve ushmmangry

ordered 4 BOGOF frozn pizza' sent 2 finest chilled pizzas in different flavours.

ordered soya yogs (I am allergic to dairy), got sent normal milk yogsangry.

it is the quantity thing that pisses me off the most.....if I order 12 and they don;t have the right 12, I still need 12 even if they are of a different brand (just not going up to double the price brand obviously)........and this is even after notes have been put on the items.

I despair at times, I really do, and I am thinking that the poor online people are beginning to knw me tooblush.

oh, another thing that DOES seem to have finally got thro........getting sent meat and bread and dairy stuff with a sell by date of the day you buy it, and you order your shopping for a 10pm delivery as you are at the hospital all day and so need a late slot (so IOW, by the next day when you go to cok the meat, you find it ran out yesterdayangry)......where is the sense in that??????

peanutbear Tue 11-Mar-08 21:33:16

I have never had the whole shopping list ever

Now I walk around the store complaining about it instead but at least I dont have Cathedral city substituted for sardines

FFS one is cow the other is fish its hardly the bloody same

FairyMum Tue 11-Mar-08 21:34:06

You need Ocado

VictorianSqualor Tue 11-Mar-08 21:50:56

I order for early in the day on a mid week day normally.
I get less subs that way.
Also I always put notes on my subs, I got a willow farm chicken three weeks in a row as a sub, which is a barn-reared chicken, for my free-range angry
I also have had sausages instead of sausagemeat and they know not to bring me Nestle after I got fed up with Nestle subs for Tesco items.
I also put a note that if it's a BOGOF offer not to sub.
I do love my delivery lady though, and just make sure I put as many notes as poss, hard when they only allow so many letters though hmm
Someone mentioned before they got mouthwash instead of tampons!!blush

WiiMii Tue 11-Mar-08 21:53:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beauregard Tue 11-Mar-08 21:54:12

Who was it that was given a wooden owl as a sub for something?

pukkapatch Tue 11-Mar-08 21:55:09


Sidge Tue 11-Mar-08 22:06:58

It's very unusual that I don't get all my items.

I've had the odd daft substitution but our shoppers must be pretty sensible as I rarely need to return a sub.

Must depend on which store you use.

oneplusone Tue 11-Mar-08 22:12:20

i very rarely get subs. i actually feel their service has improved recently but i think i am just 'bored' of tesco and am thinking of trying sainsburys or ocado. Has anyone tried them?

btw, i usually get my order delivered around lunch time. the drivers are pretty good, they bring it all into the kitchen....just have to try and persuade them now to unpack it and put it away!

Suedoo Wed 12-Mar-08 22:16:47

You need Ocado - it's fab.

Everything is packed by computer from a central warehouse (before hiting the supermarket shelves). This ensures the use by dates are the longest and also nothing has been fiddled with. Also as you book the delivery date it tells you automatically whether a stock item is out of date - and so far I've only ever had 1 item not turn up and no issues about wrong numbers of goods etc.

Vans are run on biodiesel and you can book a green delivery. If you have any breakages/spillages etc they refund really quickly.

Can't fault them at all - websites is easy to use and you can start by going through all the offers first. You may pay a bit more but they support local produce, sustainability and environmental issues better than other supermarkets - so there is also a feel good factor if you are into these issues.

threestars Wed 12-Mar-08 22:48:47

At least my household isn't the only one to get substitutions...before christmas, we'd ordered some champagne which was on offer. They substituted with red wine which was way cheaper, anyway, than the champers. We ended up driving to the local store to take it back, so wasn't really worth shopping online as it caused extra aggro and effort.

IMO they shouldn't substitute at all. I bet they don't stand for it if their suppliers tried to substitute...

Tinkerisdead Thu 13-Mar-08 12:40:52

I use tesco online religiously. I have a weekly shop and have only had one substitution in the last 5 months. I ordered two bisto gravy granules and received one large tub which was cheaper anyway so they saved me money. I dont know why i was trying to order two??!!

I once was admitted to hospital having collapsed and when i came to in the hospital i told my DP at the time that tesco was coming that evening! He called them and to explain and they asked him to call again when he got home no matter what time. They duly arrived at 1am without complaint. I couldnt have been more grateful as the house was stocked when i got home. I thought it was such a touching thing to do.

sophiewd Thu 13-Mar-08 12:44:19

Happy with our delivery, hey are the only ones that do deliver around here, always had sensible subs, same thing just a smaller packet.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Mar-08 12:44:35

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 13-Mar-08 12:47:04

Why did you drive to the store to return it? You can return substitutions with the driver. "IMO they shouldn't substitute at all" you can request no substitutions .

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Mar-08 12:48:19

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 13-Mar-08 12:48:23

Your substitutions depend on the sort of person you get picking the order. Clearly the person who substituted my 54 Maxi+ nappies for 54 newborn nappies wasn't a parent.

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