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help how do I make my 4y.o eat

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epanting Sun 19-Dec-04 11:17:54

My son won't eat, I have tried different varieties and made smaller meals but yet he won't eat. He is the size of a 2.5 year old and is as skinny as a rake. I'm at my whit ends and don't know what else to do. I have a doc appointment tomorrow and will be talking to my doc about it. could someone please help me and give me some advice.

KristmasBear Sun 19-Dec-04 11:37:17

My DS is 3 and is a picky eater but at least eats something and is a healthy weight. I think you are doing the right thing seeing the doc as he is underweight. Good luck tomorrow.

MarsselectionboxLady Sun 19-Dec-04 11:43:21

My DD2 went through a long stage of not eating much, but eventually started eating semi normally. I think that it's good that you're talking to your doctor. The thing that I found helped was not making a big deal (out loud) about it. I continued to put food in front of her and let her get on with it. I kept a food diary, so that I could check what she was eating. This meant every time she puts crisps, fruit, snacks, meals inside of herself. She was filling up between meals, even though I wasn't giving her anything particularly (she has older siblings who could be counted on to feed her bits). hth. Good luck at the GPs tomorrow.

hats36 Mon 27-Dec-04 19:04:16

My 16 month old is the same. She eats virtually nothing. Has two small cups milk a day and the odd breadstick. Will not eat a meal at all and now even refuses fromage frais and fruit. What did your doc say?

tillykins Mon 27-Dec-04 19:07:07

My godson is similar, my friend gives him "littles". She doesn't cook a meal for him as such but gives him a selection of nibbly bits on a tray to pick from, bits of salad and fruit, sausages in little slices, a yoghurt, chunk of cheese, things like that
lots of luck with the doctor, be firm! When my friend first went with my godson, the doctor was really dismissive

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