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Support group for disgruntled fans of Delia

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downbutnotout Tue 11-Mar-08 13:08:34

I was brought up by an ardent fan of Delia who owns everything she has ever written and I learned most of my own (admittedly limited) cookery skills from her books (esp. the fabulous Complete Cookery Course). In fact, given the amount of Delia meals I've eaten in my lifetime, I am substantially her creation.

And what has she done to me in return? Spawned some ghastly book and TV series where she harps on about the delights of frozen and processed foods (presumably while pocketing a ton of cash from the maufacturers and the supermarkets). At the very time when I am trying my best to give my family the benefits of organic home-cooked food and reduce the amount of waste and packaging we produce. And to encourage my child to enjoy creating delicious food from scratch.

Doesn't she care about anything except her own bulging pockets? angry

<off to lie down and breathe deeply>

Scramble Fri 14-Mar-08 23:38:39

Delia has went tothe dark side and I am not impressed. I like Jamies simple style, OK he is a simple boy grin. I always respected delia but the image of her opening a tin of mince and putting on frozen mash was so wrong, Ok I use smash but I need something to aspire too.

Overrun Fri 14-Mar-08 17:20:38

thanks for that really good link Katisha.

Katisha Fri 14-Mar-08 12:08:35

Apologies if this has been posted on another thread (or even this one) but if you read this and then scroll to the end where they cost up the ingredients for each dish it's an astonishingly expensive way of going about things. Guardian Delia article. The chicken and leek pie comes in at over £15...

Overrun Thu 13-Mar-08 13:32:45

We obviously all feel strongly about Delia, this must be the 5th thread about her new Cheating style.

I think I made my feelings plain on all of them, RUBBISH!!!

captainmummy Thu 13-Mar-08 10:03:30

I don;t understand the point of her books - yes teach us to cook proper food cheaply or to cheat using, say, bought pastry or fish-in-butter-sauce, but not tinned stuff full of artificial gunk.

I use tins/jars of pasta/curry sauce all the time, sometimes it's not practical to make a korma from scratch. I suppose that's cheating.

Maybe MNers could write their own cookbook, How To Cheat At Making Decent Meals from Jars and Packets. No frozen mash.

downbutnotout Wed 12-Mar-08 22:08:08

I don't think you're going to wean people off ready meals like this - but I think it's clear where I stand!!

scaryteacher Wed 12-Mar-08 10:59:30

She has written a book on how to cook on a budget called Frugal Food, but it seems to advocate lots of offal, and cider instead of wine in the sausage casserole!

I learnt to cook from the Complete Cookery Course back in the late 1980s, and still use her books, especially Christmas and Winter, so I was a bit dismayed by the programme. I would make the fish pie, but make my own sauce, and my own mash. I have a copy of the original How To Cheat from the early 70s, and it uses tinned mince in some recipes, but not all. the cheats there seem to be stock cubes and tinned/frozen veg. However, in the 1990s I worked with someone whose idea of a shepherds pie was a tin of Fray Bentos with Smash on top! So if this does get people to try 'real' food in some things with their familiar frozen/ readfy meal style ingredients in there as well, it may be a case of weaning them on to real food - you could use a baby analogy, or someone breaking the ready meal habit?

My DH went pale at the shed as my eyes lit up, as I have way too much cooking equipment, and he's always on at me to 'rationalise' it. He didn't like it when I spotted cookbooks on her shelves that I haven't yet acquired either....

CatIsSleepy Tue 11-Mar-08 21:37:31

it was the marriage of fancy ingredients and processed crap that was so odd. hard to see who it was aimed at really.

the shed full of crockery was confusing, too.

bozza Tue 11-Mar-08 21:19:02

My Mum asked me if I wanted this book for my birthday (she knows I have a penchant for cookery books). So I politely replied no thank you and explained that I know how to cheat, it's the cooking I am interested in working on. Little did I know! I didn't realise that Delia would come up with such elaborate and pointless cheats.

bozza Tue 11-Mar-08 21:14:51

My Mum asked me if I wanted this book for my birthday (she knows I have a penchant for cookery books). So I politely replied no thank you and explained that I know how to cheat, it's the cooking I am interested in working on. Little did I know! I didn't realise that Delia would come up with such elaborate and pointless cheats.

Carmenere Tue 11-Mar-08 20:56:03


downbutnotout Tue 11-Mar-08 20:56:01

lol morningpaper - too right, this thread should be under relationships - that's one more dysfunctional one to add to my family.

hairtwiddler Tue 11-Mar-08 20:55:50

Tinned mince is something I would have found in the back of my Granny's cupboard 20 years ago. Even she wouldn't have used it, she would have been stockpiling it for times of hardship. I can see it now, with a rimful of dust...
It's all just so wrong!

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:55:48

It is like Alan Bennett delving into chicklitt

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:54:35

<link to earlier thread please so I can rant in two places as well>

Carmenere Tue 11-Mar-08 20:53:06

With success comes responsibility and she has stuck her head in the sand re all the food issues just to make a few more quid and remember she is one of the wealthiest women in the UK. If she had just churned out another ordinary, well written book she still would have made a mint. She DOESN"T need the cash she is getting from the product placement.

As I said in an earlier thread today -I fundamentally object to her promoting industrially produced slop foods. Industrial food producers are responsible for many food related health issues(additives, trans fats ect) and all of the morally bankrupt intensive farming that goes on. I am disgusted with her.

<I know it is wankery to quote yourself but I couldn't be arsed writing it again>

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:48:05

Guardian telly review: "There's worse to come, in the shepherd's pie: tinned mince. Yuk. Now that really is wrong. When was the last time you opened a tin of mince? 1945? Look, Delia, your cat thinks it's for her! Why not sprinkle a bit of powdered egg on top while you're at it... Relax, the war's over."

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:46:47

Guardian Blog: "I think there is a bigger problem here. It's not just that the pre-prepared food Delia is flogging is an environmental nasty - in all its unnecessary processing, packaging and transport. Or that such stuff props up the "value-adding" idiocies of the food industry giants, which have brought them vast profit at the expense of farmers and traditional producers. It's more that just as the nation started to eat better, she's asking it to eat worse again. And that really is selling out."

hairtwiddler Tue 11-Mar-08 20:41:04

I am watching the tinned mince at the moment on iplayer.
Surely not! Delia! Even worse, I can't believe Nigel (God of the Kitchen) Slater is in cahoots with her over this.

PussinJimmyChoos Tue 11-Mar-08 20:24:43

Morning Paper - I can't agree more!

I'm traumatised at tinned mince I tell you...!!

Maybe she's aiming the prog at people who give their kids turkey twizzlers so she reasons that frozen mash maybe the lesser of the two evils....but then, people who give their kids turkey twizzlers wouldn't be watching BBC 2 would they???

Yes, I am generalising a lot here blush

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:22:43

Have we already read Caitlin Moran on Delia's new show?

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:21:46

AND also

when questioned about all the excess rubbish that the processed ingredients are generating, she said something like "Ohhhhh I'm not really political"

I mean FFS really that is SOOOO lame, we KNOW you're not an IDIOT Delia, so don't pretend you are


FluffyMummy123 Tue 11-Mar-08 20:19:51

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Tue 11-Mar-08 20:18:57

Me too, I am disproportionately upset with her. I feel like my mum has taken a job in a strip joint frequented by my bin men.

morningpaper Tue 11-Mar-08 20:15:57

Kathy grin

I must admit I am surprisingly distressed about it all

I used to TRUST Delia

In fact I think this thread should be under Relationships...

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