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You know you ARE a foodie when.....

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moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:10:14

visitors wanting a cuppa have a choice of green tea or Earl Gray

you would never use virgin olive oil to FRY for heaven's sake

you never buy wine at the supermarket as the choice is so boring and limited

your child looks at a picture of a fish finger and honestly has no idea what it is

Any more for any more??

motherinfestivemood Fri 17-Dec-04 21:14:32

You automatically scrutinise cocoa content in any bar of chocolate

You have to blot the spilled red wine with Maldon flakes because that's all you could find

You discover your three year old has spent the afternoon organising the others at childminder to eat imaginary 'couscous'

<get her>

spacedonkey Fri 17-Dec-04 21:15:15

... when you fry with the extra virgin but save the organic cold pressed by nuns single malt extra virgin for dressings

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:15:33

Oh come ON!!
Surely it's not just me who stone grinds my own flour and makes my own phyllo pastry?

Some moral support from like minded snobs please!!

spacedonkey Fri 17-Dec-04 21:15:57

... when your son has a tantrum in marks and spencers because you won't buy him brie

( that's true that one )

MancMum Fri 17-Dec-04 21:16:31

I like this!

You consider anything my nigella lawson to be better writing than most novels..

You offer 3 types of sugar with coffee - of which there are at least 10 types, not counting preparation methods

you wonder if it is grounds for divorce when DH calls any food you eat poncy

Big Cook Little cook is your favourite program on Cbbies!

think of more later... just enjoying a bottle of non -supermarket red!!

Caribbeanqueen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:16:39

LOL at the couscous!

when you ask dd (20 months) which fruit she wants and she says "lychees"

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:16:50

well, i am expecting this thread to be flooded as there hasn't been an enormous response on the non foodie thread!

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:17:13

Just knew I'd lure you over here MIFM.
What on EARTH were you doing fraternising with the great unwashed a l'autre cote??!!

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:19:49

- you think heston blumenthal is a god
- you only buy extra virgin olive oil from certain vintages
- you think borough market is the only reason to visit london
- cocoa solids in chocolate - oh yes less than 70% just won't cut it
- you never buy pasteurised cheese...

see, i can do this too!

spacedonkey Fri 17-Dec-04 21:20:24

... you pretend not to be hungry when you see that the sandwich on offer at a friend's house will be made with white sliced bread

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:20:53

lol at sugar, yes you know you are a foodie when you have at least five types of sugar - all unrefined organic...

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:21:14


Imagine the conversation

SD 'No darling,this week we will be pairing the Comte with some organic figs and...let me about Gogonzola with those wonderful walnuts from that Albanian cooperative we tried at Grandma's??? Hmmm??'

Junior SD 'NAAAHHHH!!!! I....WANT......BRIE!!'

spacedonkey Fri 17-Dec-04 21:22:09

he should have been asking for cheesestrings like any normal child!

motherinfestivemood Fri 17-Dec-04 21:22:33

Actually, I can combine several threads in one deft go, when I point out that personally I feel very guilty when I realise that the inferiorettes have cultivated a knowledge of McDonald's through (occasional visits with) their childminder.

MancMum Fri 17-Dec-04 21:22:43

you buy shares in local organic wholefood co-operative to stop it going under

feel embarassed by sight of margarine in parents fridge

talk about food using first names of chefs like they are friends..."I do prefer Nigel's chocolate cake to Nigella's moist chocolaet loaf"

create the cake stall for PTA using only organic, free range, 80% chocolate for everything including rice crispie cakes and make a loss

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:23:17

You would rather make a mikshake from your own vomit than eat a common or garden sausage or cook with mince THAT YOU HADN'T MINCED YOURSELF...FROM ONE PIECE OF MEAT>

lockets Fri 17-Dec-04 21:27:24

Message withdrawn

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:31:12

you have red wine, white wine, balsamic, sherry, raspberry, and rice wine vinegars in your store cupboard...

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:31:27

Lockets...tee hee hee!!
Oh these are soooo good.

Hey i've thought of one-your dh gets a new job abroad and the first thought that goes through your head is...what's the food like over there?

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:31:28

Lockets...tee hee hee!!
Oh these are soooo good.

Hey i've thought of one-your dh gets a new job abroad and the first thought that goes through your head is...what's the food like over there?

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:33:18

you serve up grilled trout with black pudding and salsa at a dinner party...

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:33:50

i'm not making that up!

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:34:16

The first thing you ask your siblings (crashing food bores!!) on the phone is what they've eaten that day,and eventually even your six year old nephew will answer detailed questions about cooking methods,cuts of meat and suitabilty of accompaniments with great patience and not a little personal interst..

moondog Fri 17-Dec-04 21:35:08

Ooooooogh. VERY brave and interesting choice serenequeen..

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