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Giving toast at nearly 6 months......

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OnZephyrstdayofXmas Sun 12-Dec-04 10:49:38

Can i do it and what do i put on it?
I'm planning to try ds with a little bit of toast in the mornings with his milk. Do I put butter on it?

hoxtonturkey Sun 12-Dec-04 10:52:13

sounds good. maybe marmite too?

NoMoomAtTheInn Sun 12-Dec-04 10:53:48

I used to put a very thin scraping of unsalted butter on ds's toast but I think he may have been a little bit older. I don't think he would have been up to eating toast before 6 months - bit chewy! - but if you think your ds could manage it then I don't see that it would be a problem.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Sun 12-Dec-04 10:53:50

I did thnk about marmite - if he's anything like the rest of us he'll love it!! For some unknown reason something in my head was saying he can't have butter yet!

GeorginaAdventCalendar Sun 12-Dec-04 10:56:48

Annabel Karmel has marmite for babies over 1 year... not sure of the reasoning though. Salt content maybe?

TwasTheNightBeforeCatbert Sun 12-Dec-04 10:56:51

Either because of the salt (but then again - marmite...!!!) and because it's a dairy product. Better from at least 26 weeks. Esp. if allergies in the family.

hoxtonturkey Sun 12-Dec-04 11:01:56

i think early brain washing with marmite is the way forward.

Schmauskin Tue 21-Dec-04 09:52:28

I was thinking of introducing a bit of toast too, for my 6 month girl, after her babyrice and fruit at breakfast, but am scared of the choking issue. She has no teeth yet, so I guess she'll just suck on a toast finger...what's everyone else's experience? I've been told rice cakes are good too, but am similarly concerned.

aloha Tue 21-Dec-04 09:54:02

What on earth is wrong with butter? It's only milk...

woodpops Tue 21-Dec-04 10:02:04

How about scrambled egg and toast?? Or cheese on toast. DD loved Annabel Karmels cheese and tomato egg with toast.

merrykittymas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:57:26

I was thinking of giving DD mashed potatoes with formula milk and a little unsalted butter, do you think this is ok? Shes 5 months and were a week into weaning. I thought theres milk in the formula milk so why can't she have butter?

I use formula in her food as I can't be bothered expressing every day and never have enough milk as she keeps my boobs empty!

Flumberrysauce Wed 22-Dec-04 15:59:52

IME babies go mad for toast, with butter.

Hulababy Wed 22-Dec-04 16:02:37

I gave my DD toast and butter before 6 months and she loved it. Also, she loved eggy bread too - a bit soft and less chewy than toast itself, and cheese on toast too.

Hulababy Wed 22-Dec-04 16:03:17

MerryKittymas - I am sure mashed potatoes would be good too.

emMerryChristmastmg Wed 22-Dec-04 16:03:25

Ds3 has been having toast with lashing of butter, the only way to have IMO, since he was able to hold something himself.

Probably about 5 months or so.

Here's wheer I get chucked off MN.....he has it with lashings of butter and marmalade now but he is 15 months...........please let me stay

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Wed 22-Dec-04 16:18:45

i gave him some toast squares to suck on and he loved it. Mash is a good idea - might have a go at that too! Can he have petit filous type yogs now?

yulettsdaughter Wed 22-Dec-04 16:28:05

toast with mashed banana goes down well in our house (messy though!)

Flumberrysauce Wed 22-Dec-04 16:32:17

My niece's first word was Toast well 'Toz' closely followed by Juice 'Jus'

The first thing you heard in the morning was her shouting Toz Toz Toz at the top of her voice from her cot.

Schmauskin Wed 22-Dec-04 21:29:51

Ok then, toast it is tommorow morning - WITH butter!!
What about the rice cakes though - are they a recipe for choking??

sleepdeprived Wed 22-Dec-04 22:18:14

Rice cakes are fine IME and a favourite of DS's - he shouts 'mmmmmm!' as soon as he sees the packet

SmokedSamN Wed 22-Dec-04 22:22:20

Schmauskin, I remember my ds1 having ricecakes at about 8 months and our babysitter being horrified, but then she was about the same age as my grandma and probably thought they were terrible newfangled inventions unfit for anyone to eat, let alone babies. I know 8 months is significantly older, but ds1 didn't have any teeth at that point and he just gummed them. The only time I worried about choking hazards was when aforementioned babysitter decided to crumble them up for him. I think she was equating them to Farley's rusks, which are rather crumblier . So as long as you leave them whole I would say go for it.

Schmauskin Fri 24-Dec-04 12:36:16

Thanks everyone, toast and rice cakes are on the menu!
Now I just have to stop her waking at 4.00am every morning...

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