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retro recipe - coronation chicken needed urgently please!

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bossykate Wed 13-Nov-02 18:20:39

how could anyone need a recipe for coronation chicken urgently?!

well we have lots of cold chicken in the fridge (will not last much longer hence the urgency!)which dh hates - but he *loves* coronation chicken!

would like to make it for him as a treat - he has been a complete star recently looking after both ds and me during flu.

thanks in advance for your help

Tinker Wed 13-Nov-02 19:35:39

bossykate, I'm sure Twink will have a good one but, if you want to cheat, you can get jars of the stuff.

crystaltips Wed 13-Nov-02 19:42:40

Cooked Chicken to start off with!
I presume this is a store cupboard version ?
Look in the fridge and see what you have got ....
I use various combinations of :

a )Mayo and cream ( for the creaminess )
b )Salad Cream ( for the kick )
c )Sour Cream ( reduces the richness of a. ) If you don't have this add lemon juice to cream
d )Curry powder ( about 1tsp )
e ) toasted almonds ( for a bit of a crunch )
f )I have sometimes added Apricot Yoghurt as it needed using.
g )Mango Chutney can be quite nice too.

Now then - as for the measurements - I start off with a couple of heaped dessert spoons and keep on tasting until I like it !

Serve on a bed of mixed salad leaves with New Potatos or a Jacket Potato and crispy crunchy bread.
MUST MUST be washed down with a glass or two of chilled White !


ks Wed 13-Nov-02 19:53:22

Message withdrawn

candy Wed 13-Nov-02 20:06:23

I seem to remember the Sainsburys magazine having some modern variations on coronation chicken for the jubilee - you know, for all those street parties that maybe happened everywhere except Birmingham! Maybe you could find recipes on their website?

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Nov-02 20:12:53

Bossykate, there's one here!

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Nov-02 20:16:25

Actually, Delia's looks much better. It's here May be too late now though...

Lindy Wed 13-Nov-02 22:06:31

I live on c/c - just dollop mayonnaise, curry paste & apricot jam together ........... yummy!!

CAM Thu 14-Nov-02 09:51:45

don't forget the raisins!

bossykate Thu 14-Nov-02 22:05:32

imagine that! got home to find *no* cooked chicken left! as dh always moans when we have it (rarely, because he moans, and then says how much he likes coronation chicken, used to have it as a child etc etc) obviously it couldn't have been him who ate it, now could it ladies?

*but* the suggestions here sound so good, i'm going to make it anyway at the weekend. delia's recipe seems to incorporate all the other suggestions so i'll try that one - looks wonderful!

thanks everyone so much. yet again i'm touched by the kindness, generosity and sheer know how of mumsnetters!

thanks again

bossykate Thu 14-Nov-02 22:12:24

just have to say my dh is lovely and reading what some people have to put up with from their dps/dhs here i thank my lucky stars. so am not complaining that he ate the chicken or moans about it or anything! just thought it was amusing.

oh dear, yet another bk entry for trivial post of the year!

Twink Thu 14-Nov-02 22:13:13

Ooh, I have but too late, sorry at aerobics on Thursdays !!

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