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Any ideas on how to cook winkles?

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laura032004 Wed 30-Jan-08 16:14:34

My ap has collected loads of winkles whilst we've been on the beach today. Normally her mum cooks them, so she's got no idea what to do with them.

The only info I can find says rinse well, soak for a few hours, then boil for 15-20 mins. Is this right?

jesuswhatnext Wed 30-Jan-08 16:42:27

yes - then you need a pin to get them out of the shells with and a little vinegar for dipping

i would put them in a bucket of clean salted water tonight, leave somewhere cool, rinse and cook tomorrow, just to make sure they are clean

honestdale Mon 19-Jul-10 02:57:30

The most important thing is to make shure that you let them cleanse themselves. After you gather them leave them to digest thier food for 24 to 48 hours in a cool place. During this time keep placing them in salted water and then pour the water off them to let them dry to mimic the tide. (several times) This will avoid them being gritty. Once this is done place them in well salted water and bring them to the boil for 8 to 10 mins. Grab your pin and enjoy.

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