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What will you be cooking on Xmas Eve

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LadyPenelope Sun 28-Nov-04 09:47:31

We've got 2 friends staying over Xmas so there will be 4 adults for dinner on Xmas Eve. What will you all be cooking? I'd love to do something which I can cook ahead of time cos guess we'll try to do veg and stuff for Xmas Day on Xmas eve too... Any inspiration oh wise MN cooks?

munnzieb Sun 28-Nov-04 10:03:00

I do the pork/bacon on xmas eve, and start the turkey at about 1.30-2 am. on a low gas so it smells lovely when you wake up, then turn it up to a normal level once awake, ours is normally done for about 12 ish.

Gobbledigook Sun 28-Nov-04 10:23:04

When I've had Mum and Dad over on Xmas eve I've done something I've prepared earlier in the day and can just bung in the over - either lasagne or shepherds pie (lasagne easier cos no potato mashing!). Then you can just put it in the oven for 30-45 min chuck some salad in a bowl and some fresh bread or garlic bread. Either goes well with a bottle of red!

Azure Sun 28-Nov-04 10:59:05

I'm planning to do fish pie - nice and simple, and can be made ahead of time. Christmas Eve is a Friday this year, so I like the idea of having fish.

joash Sun 28-Nov-04 11:15:24

Usually do a nice buffet type thing, full of light tasty finger type bits 'n' bobs on xmas eve. Think it givea tums a rest in prep for all the rich food that we will be eating over the next few days.

As for xmas day - all tha family works together to get everything ready on xmas eve, parboil the potatoes, prep all other veg, make stuffing, cook other meats (do turkey on xmas day - prefer it hot), Make all sauces and gravy, etc, etc. Even lay dining table. DO everything and just have to turn cooker on on the day.

janeybops Sun 28-Nov-04 11:23:19

Honey glazed ham. Then have it cold with turkey for the next week!!!

LadyPenelope Sun 28-Nov-04 13:23:20

Thanks for those ideas everyone... I like the idea of the buffet bits and pieces but think it will be easier for me to have one dish that we serve up rather than coping with lots of bits. We might do the buffet things on Boxing Day. Fish pie... mmm... I'll have to have a browse through the books and see if I can find a good one. Any recommendations... or any other ideas?

Yorkiegirl Sun 28-Nov-04 13:25:35

Message withdrawn

GymJunkie Sun 28-Nov-04 14:18:36

I bought some cod fillets yesterday at JS, will make a herby/oregano type tomato sauce this week, freeze it and then on Christmas eve just bung it on the fish,top off with some black olives and bung it in the oven. Baked potatoes,serve with peas and sweetcorn, simple and trouble free.

Azure Sun 28-Nov-04 14:24:07

Jamie Oliver has a wonderful recipe for fish pie. Our "everyday" fish pie recipe is a tin of warmed mushroom soup, maybe with an onion, mixed with whatever fish (cod, salmon and/or plaice) which has been lightly cooked in the microwave (takes a couple of minutes). Mashed potato on top plus grated cheese and then under the grill (if everything is still warm) or in the oven for 20 minutes.

Easy Sun 28-Nov-04 15:09:56

We Always have lobster with a few little boiled potatoes and salad on Christmas Eve. It is easy to prepare (order the lobster pre-cooked from Sainsbugs if you like), can be done ahead of meal time (except the spuds, and goes very nicely with a glass of champers, or a light white wine.

Starts chrismas off feeling special!

codswallop Sun 28-Nov-04 15:22:04

salmon or fish

Hulababy Sun 28-Nov-04 15:23:30

We will be going to PILs for dinner on Christmas Eve evening. BIL and SIL are coming over (staying at PILs) and SIL's mum is over from Oz - her first time in UK for Christmas So, we will have something nice there. Then we'll go home later so DD can get to bed at a good time.

Juliehafrancis Fri 03-Dec-04 21:52:09

I was going to say Fish Pie too! It is what we always have on Christmas eve. My mum makes a lush fish pie which includes smoked haddock(or Salmon), leeks, pea's, prawns, boiled egg (yes really! It is v.nice with the egg surprise surprise!) and a lovely white sauce using the milk which the fish is cooked in with yummy creamy mash and topped with grated cheese.

If you want me to give you the full recipe just CAT me!

Ooo I really want fish pie now!

bottle Fri 03-Dec-04 21:56:13

i do mine with white fish plus prawns and capers

bigbananaflambe Sat 11-Dec-04 18:44:27

I'm going to do a lamb tagine for christmas eve - can be prepared earlier that day - all bunged into one pot to cook slowly and then just do some cous cous at the last minute.

miggy Sat 11-Dec-04 18:47:55

bit 70s but DH and I have a cheese fondue once kids in bed. Dead easy but scrum, relaxing and completely different to what you are about to eat. Not light though. Last year I had to take the dogs for a walk at 11pm as I was so stuffed I needed fresh air!

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Sat 11-Dec-04 19:11:15

I shall be lying on my fat ar$e on my mother's couch being waited on hand and foot by my father

I shall have large glasses of red wine foisted on me every few minutes by said father

and shall be in giggling in bed by about 9pm

in the morning I shall make it round to sister's house who will have already done everything where I shall play with her sons' toys and let her kids entertain mine

I lurrrve christmas

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 19:22:20

Will the chippy be open?

oooggs Sat 11-Dec-04 20:04:54

I won't be cooking anything on Christmas Eve - it's my birthday so I hope someone else is doing it

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Sat 11-Dec-04 20:15:47

Ditto OOOGS - ME too !!

oooggs Sat 11-Dec-04 21:57:11

Way to go Whizzz, Last year DS was only 13 days old (and a suprise month early) so I hope this year will be more relaxed

TwasTheNightBeforeCatbert Sat 11-Dec-04 22:08:18

Hot roast pork with salad sandwiches, crackling on the side. Absolutely delish.

Tommy Sat 11-Dec-04 22:25:47

I will be baking my Mum's birthday cake - as usual. By the time my family have gone home after eating it, I exepct we'll have something exceiting like a frozen pizza! Not much help for you I'm afraid LP - your idea sound much more civilised

noddyholder Sat 11-Dec-04 22:54:26

usually go out xmas eve hope we can this year too!

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