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You lot would eat a pizza 1 day past its 'use by' date wouldn't you??

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princessmel Mon 21-Jan-08 17:44:44

Its a fresh one from Sainsburys.

It should be ok shouldn't it??

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NAB3wishesfor2008 Mon 21-Jan-08 17:45:35

I wouldn't but then I eat nothing past its use by date. Might risk it if it was best before the day before.

foofi Mon 21-Jan-08 17:45:40

Yes, it's still good for weeks yet.

fleacircus Mon 21-Jan-08 17:46:29

I would eat it if it was three days past its use by date and I had dropped it on the floor, but then I have no standards. blush

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 21-Jan-08 17:46:51

I would eat it, deffo.
Give it the good old sniff test. Might be a bit stale, but if it's not off in any way it won't do you any harm.

colditz Mon 21-Jan-08 17:47:49

I've been doing Weight Watchers for two weeks - I'd eat the first pizza ever made.

But yes, yes I would. What could go off? Do you really throw cheese away 2 days after opening? I don't!

Bread has nothing mingy that will harm you, salami is smoked and keeps for months, tomato sauce is harmless - go for it.

OrmIrian Mon 21-Jan-08 17:48:10

Don't like pizza. Bleurgh!

However considering what it's made of I would. No raw meat or anything like that.

NatalieJane Mon 21-Jan-08 17:48:13

What's on it?

I think cheese can be pretty dangerous if it's gone off, but then I expect you'd smell it if it wasn't right.

I'd have a good whiff around it and if ok I'd eat it

ConfusedMover Mon 21-Jan-08 17:49:03


OrmIrian Mon 21-Jan-08 17:49:32

Cheese is already 'gone off' in a sense. It's also full of fat and salt which are both good preservatives. So I wouldn't worry about the cheese.

bero Mon 21-Jan-08 17:50:02

I'd eat it. You cook it, after all. As long as the cheese is bubbling and just starting to brown, any (unlikely) nasties will be killed off.

With things I don't heat(milk, yogurts etc.) I generally go a day over, but no more. Wouldn't with meat or fish, but then I don't eat it.

charliecat Mon 21-Jan-08 17:50:04


princessmel Mon 21-Jan-08 17:50:53


Lol colditz smile

Yes its a pepparoni (sp) one. Cheese , tomato, onion, etc..

We're having it with jacket potatos after the kids have gone to bed.

Thanks smile

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LadyOfWaffle Mon 21-Jan-08 17:53:00

yeah, am sure you can buy fresh pizzas without best befores.

nannyL Mon 21-Jan-08 17:53:08

I would

nannyL Mon 21-Jan-08 17:53:20

I would

NormaSnorks Mon 21-Jan-08 17:53:23

DH's mantra is "is it green, or does it smell?" if not, then fine... grin

We both used to work in a food manufacturing company, and know that there is 'leeway' in best before and even use by dates.
In fact, we spent most of our 20's living off out-of-code food we got free from the company shop!

General rule of thumb would be not to risk out of date meat or meat products if pregnant, with young children or elderly.
Products like pate particularly.

Things cooked at high temp - less of an issue.

colditz Mon 21-Jan-08 17:55:18

i too used to work in a food factory, and I know there is a good couple of days margin with most things. They err on the side of caution ... and I don't consider pizza to be risky. Pate is risky, and prawn salad, not pizza though.

YourFly Thu 31-Jan-19 20:36:09

Can I add to a 11 year and 10 day old thread?

Would you eat one 3 days past its date?

I was thinking of putting it in the freezer?

I bet MN standards are pretty similar to 2008 grin

midsomermurderess Fri 01-Feb-19 20:51:11

Yes, and some, if it looks and smells ok.

Bluesheep8 Thu 07-Feb-19 15:48:00

Yes I'd eat it...then and now wink

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