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Healthy Cereals

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Metrobaby Fri 26-Nov-04 13:02:28

What healthy cereals can I get without lots of added sugar and salt? So far the only ones I can come up with are shredded wheat or porridge oats or ready brek with fruit.

CountessDracula Fri 26-Nov-04 13:06:21

Grape Nuts

CountessDracula Fri 26-Nov-04 13:07:01

(they have no added sugar, not sure about salt)

Alpen sugar free muesli

strawberry Fri 26-Nov-04 13:23:11

Good question. This has been in news a lot hasn't it? I used to buy crunchy nut cornflakes for DH but now know they are v bad! Weetabix and bran flakes have got some added salt and sugar but not loads. They usually rate ok in the news reports I've seen.

welshmum Fri 26-Nov-04 13:24:37

Are rice pops ok - the ones with no sugar sprinkled on?

bottle Fri 26-Nov-04 13:25:24

health shops tend to do load, we get sugar free weetabix type things and sugar free baby muesli

Nutcracker Fri 26-Nov-04 13:27:02

hmmm dunno, my kids have Cheerios or Muddles.

strawberry Fri 26-Nov-04 13:31:53,,9829-1058922,00.html

Found this. HTH

moomina Fri 26-Nov-04 13:33:34

ds has shreddies or ready brek - i know rb is okay and shreddies not too bad....

lots of supermarket cereals will have some salt or sugar, but as long as you're avoiding sugarfrostedcocomarshmallowsparklepops then i think the rest are much of a muchness, really...

strawberry Fri 26-Nov-04 13:36:24

This is the original report from Which?

summ1 Sat 27-Nov-04 10:21:13

I used to feed mine Cheerios, thought they were healthy as you think well known brands are better, but cheerios are actually really bad, they have the highest amount of sugar & salt allowed(shock) There is only a very small amount of cereals that are actually healthy considering its meant to be the most important meal of the day!!
I now only give mine Porridge Oats or mini shredded wheat as the bigger ones were too stringy for them! with fruit added.
I also stopped buying jars of sauces for dinner as they arent to good either and just make up my own, we have really changed our diet since becoming aware of the stuff put into food - The programme " You are what you eat" was also an eye opener.

soppy Sat 27-Nov-04 10:37:53

I just give porridge and muesli (there are plenty of brands of the latter with no salt or sugar added). Pity - DS is much more into finger foods and would love to eat Cheerios and the like, I'm sure!

jane313 Sat 27-Nov-04 10:39:36

shredded wheat bitezise has no added sugar. My son used to also like them dry as finger food

soppy Sat 27-Nov-04 10:40:17

Does it have salt??

jane313 Sat 27-Nov-04 10:53:50

Only a trace

soppy Sat 27-Nov-04 12:43:41

Muesli, porridge, shredded wheat and puffed wheat come out best in the salt stakes here

soppy Sat 27-Nov-04 12:51:31

Also just checked, Shredded Wheat is 100% Whole Grain Wheat - no added salt (trace of natural sodium)

tortoiseshell Sat 27-Nov-04 12:52:09

dd has weetabix or porridge, ds has rice krispies. Tbh, I'm not too worried about the precise quantities of sugar/salt - I would't give him chocolate cereal though!

color Sat 27-Nov-04 13:15:25

Strawberry - thanks for the info which is v enlightening. I do like to see the which reports but to get the lot is a lot of money and so don't get to see them. thanks again.

BadHair Sat 27-Nov-04 13:31:56

We all have supermarket's own rice crispies with sultanas instead of sugar, as I thought they'd be fairly healthy, but apparently not. Ds1 has a small handful of cheerios on top of his instead of sugar, but I suppose I might just as well put the sugar on as its the same thing.

yurtgirl Sat 27-Nov-04 14:34:08

Message withdrawn

DonnaLouise Sat 27-Nov-04 17:12:07

are you amenable to your kids eating cake for breakfast? It's a change from cereal and probably contains less processed ingredients: soak one cup of all bran in one cup of milk, along with a cup of sugar and a cup of mixed dried fruit overnight (or at least 4 hours). The following day, add a cup of plain flour and cook for around an hour on 180 (dunno gas mark, sorry)

Wrap in a plastic bag whilst warm and this makes the cake moist.

milge Sat 27-Nov-04 23:28:17

mine have apricot wheats from sainsburys and raisin wheats if i run out. Also honey nut shredded wheat out of my bowl. Have porridge, weetabix and bran flakes in cupboard, but they like dry cereal, with their milk on the side, like me.

jane313 Sun 28-Nov-04 11:27:38

Waitrose sell a range called Peter Rabbit which is all organic, sugar free, salt free etc. They do crisps and corn falkes and ketchup and fruit bars. Expensive though. The vegetable crisps were nice. They are made by these people

jane313 Sun 28-Nov-04 11:28:35

links didn't work, its

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